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Our Harmony Greek Island Cruises are a perfect option for those looking for a blend of on-shore cultural and historical sightseeing, coastal relaxation, on-deck sea-view unwinding and the friendly atmosphere of a small ship cruise.

The gulet Artemis – our beautiful motorised ocean vessel that can accommodate up to 46 passengers with 16 cabins – operates the Harmony Cruise. It is best suited for ‘young at heart’ travellers looking for an adventurous Greece sailing trip to some of the most iconic island stops in a round-trip from Athens.

This sailing trip is a fun Greek Isles Cruise focusing on experiencing the true beauty of Greece while still offering fun socialisation options in the evenings in line with the renowned Greek hospitality. What’s more, you will be cruising in comfort since all our cabins include a private bathroom and air-conditioning.

If you are a group interested to charter our boat for sailing around some of the best Greek islands email us: groups@sail-ingreece.com. Tailor-made itineraries are also available



Pricing Information

All prices are per person and in GBP (£). The Euro () prices are based on the currency of 1.10£ to € and are  fixed.

Please note that the prices tend to increase from those listed below, as prices fluctuate, depending on the availability and the period.

Our main periods are:

  • Peak period  (July, August)
  • Shoulder period  (June, September)
  • Low period  (May, October)

The below-stated prices are subject to change without any notice.
Keep in mind, that as the departure date of the sailing tour comes closer, the prices might increase, so it is wise to book in advance and secure the cheapest price possible!
Once you have paid your 20% deposit, the remaining price of your option stays as it is!

In case of any price increase/decrease, you will be informed in time, accordingly.

  • Prices fluctuate regularly, in line with the demand.
    Our Price Promise ensures clients, who book early, that they will never have to pay more, than those who book quite after them
Standard Cabin Type

All our standard cabins besides, their comfortable mattresses, are ensuite with their own shower, a hair dryer, a wardrobe for storage, reading lights,
their own individual A/C device and an electric fan!

Regarding our cabins, we do have a variety of doubles/twins (lower beds/bunk beds) and a few triples and quads, depending on your cruise package and demand.

Important Note

The only additional charge you need to expect is the local port fees (80€ per person), which need to be paid upon arrival, in order to assure some basic operational needs for the cruise.

Solo Traveller

If you want to have your own private cabin, there will be an extra charge of 75% of the total amount of 1 person’s price.

We always try to allocate same-gender guests, together (this applies to our solo travelers),
however, we cannot guarantee this under unexpected situations.



Frequently asked questions


Harmony cruises are party tours ideal for independent like-minded travelers from 18-35s. You will explore the most famous islands in the world, the Greek islands and experience the best nightlife.

They depart From Athens every Saturday at 3pm, from May till October. For specific dates see our calendar.

The cruise finishes every Saturday at 09:00 after breakfast.

Do you prefer exploring the Greek islands, traveling for hours with other thousands of people, getting queued to embark on the public boats, waking up at crazy hours to be on time, carrying your bags everywhere, changing from hostel to hostel, rather than travel with your private boat, having your own bed from day 1 to day 8 with no movements, exploring beaches and hidden gems of the Aegean sea and still have the same fun with your friends?

We do have a variety of cabins, which range from doubles to twins (lower beds-bunk beds) to triples and a few quads, depending on the operating gulet.

All cabins besides, their comfortable mattresses, are ensuite with their own shower, a hair dryer, a wardrobe for storage, reading lights,
their own individual A/C device and an electric fan!

If you want to be in the same cabin with your friends, just mention it, while booking with us.
We can not guarantee that you will be together, but we will make everything possible to actually do that!

Please keep in mind, that we provide 1 set of fresh linen and towels, for the cruising week.

Many of our guests, choose to travel alone, as it follows the basic idea of our cruises.
Independent individuals, come alone but travel with same-like-minded people, so many in the end, actually become friends!

Please know, that if you are traveling solo, we will always try to allocate you to a cabin, with your same gender.

On the other hand, if you desire to have your own private cabin, there will be an extra charge of 50% of the total amount of 1 person’s price

In general, if you skip Mykonos, in the Greek islands you can find cheap food and drinks everywhere. You can eat from 1 “souvlaki” that costs only 2 euros and Greeks eat it as a meal or a proper meal at a restaurant that costs around 8 – 15 € p.p. Drinks cost from 5 – 10 € for cocktails.

Yes all local taxes are included in your cruise. There is only a 20 € p.p. port tax for the whole week. So on every island we visit, you will not pay anything extra for port/local taxes. There is only 1 exception, in Santorini, when due to weather conditions sometimes our boats are not able to dock at the old port and there is a need for a local transport between our boat and the port with smaller local boats. The cost for that transfer is 5€ p.p. one way.

Water is offered complimentary by us, only during meal courses, so water is NOT included in your package!

If you want any extra water, we offer 1.5L bottles (Natural mineral Water), at 2€

The A/C, operates from 4 to 8 hours, per day (if of course, it is permitted by the government’s Covid regulations).

Also note, that the A/C works only when the generator is working at the exact same time. Though, due to local regulations, the generator must be turned off, after midnight.

The power supply, from the shore at the ports of Corfu, Kassiopi, Sivota and Gaios (due to their weak infrastructure), is not powerful enough to operate all our A/C units, simultaneously. Thus you must keep in mind, that there are possibly hot nights, especially during July and August, where the A/C, does not work after midnight.

Please keep in mind, that all our cabins are equipped with independent electric fans, as well, hence when our boats are connected to the shore’s power supply, our fans work properly, during the night, as well.

Any means of transportation, such as local buses, taxis, or even water taxis, are not included, in any of our cruise packages.
However, we would be more than happy to arrange any possible transportation, for you!

A standard “airport to the vessel (and vice versa)” transfer, is around 25-30€ per person (depending on the Island),
while shorter, in-town transportation would vary, between 8€ and 15€ per person.

In case you want to arrange your transportation, prior to your arrival, send us an email, at: travel@sail-ingreece.com or info@sail-ingreece.com

Our gulets share quite a number of electrical sockets, both on the inside and the outside, of the vessel.

With this in mind, and as we do provide extension cords and multi-docking stations, you will be able to charge your devices,
either while cruising while the generator is active, or while docked at port!

You are able to have a shower, any time of the day, but keep in mind that when the boat is docked at some of the ports we visit,
the engines are turned off, the water flow is reduced and as a result, there is no hot water after midnight.

Water tanks on board are limited, meaning, when multiple cabins shower simultaneously, hot water is more likely to end.

If your shower does not have hot water, please inform your captain in order to open the water heater, and please wait for at least,
15 to 20 minutes, until it heats up the water again.

Our Mykonos Cruise is under a Brunch option,
which basically is a buffet-style brunch course, served at around 13:00.

Click here, to see our detailed brunch menu!

Please note, that all courses include water, though if you want extra, a 1.5L water bottle, is at 2€

We do respect our passenger’s food preferences and requirements and that is why our Chefs, in case it is needed, will prepare optional dishes, as well.

(vegetarian, lactose-free, pescatarian, vegan, etc.)

As we use to say here, we are like a hostel in the water. So, yes feel free to bring any personal food or drinks you want on board. Our idea is to support your budget and travel cheaper. Please keep in mind that is not allowed to consume food and drinks inside our cabins and also there is no communal fridge that can be used for storage.

Adventure traveling, like Island hopping, requires travel insurance and we strongly suggest, purchasing one!
For further details, please review our travel insurance section.

All gulets, including ours, are hybrids, which means that although they do have a motor engine, they can run on wind energy, as well, through its huge sails.

That said, operating a cruise solely on wind energy, is something quite unpredictable, thus, we prefer relying on, and scheduling each week, based on the gulet’s ability to use its motor engines!

All the gulets in our fleet, have only European-type sockets.

Note: It is mandatory to know this beforehand, as the electrical items/devices you want to bring on board, need to agree, with this specification.

We have travelers from all over the world, and we are truly delighted about this!

Most of our passengers are Australian, British, German, Spanish, Croatian, French, Italian, South African, Canadian and American!

So, most of our passengers are mainly English speakers!

In order to get all the necessary updated information about Visa and passport requirements, please check our Visa & Passport section!

In order to support the local community and give back to its (our) people, all our gulets have multinational crew members.
Though, English is the number one onboard-speaking language!

All our gulets can carry up to, approximately 20 to 25 passengers, with an average cabin number of 7. (double/twins – triples)

Keep in mind, that all our vessels have fair space onboard, for literally all the passengers they will, eventually, accommodate!

At the time of your booking/inquiry, remember to specify who your fellow travelers are.
This way, we will try to make all the necessary arrangements to accommodate you, all together, on the same vessel!

Please keep in mind though, that we can not guarantee this, for close-to-date cruises!

Even if we believe, that it is impossible for someone, to wish to “abort” our sailing cruise earlier than its scheduled disembarkation,
You are of course, free to leave, whenever you like!

The only restriction though, is that in order for you to leave earlier, the gulet needs to be docked at a marina/port, and not on some remote cove!

Of course, in case you happen to leave earlier and want us to help you with your transportation, feel free to let us know,
by sending an email, at: travel@sail-ingreece.com or info@sail-ingreece.com

In the unfortunate event, of losing your departure, you have the option to either “catch” us on the next Island/destination,
via commercial ferry, or bus. (if accessible)

In any case, if something like that is to happen, try to inform us prior to the actual departure time, by calling us at our Head Office, at: +30 211 215 2595

As personal privacy, is of paramount importance to us, we cannot provide you with any of your fellow travelers’ details, prior to your actual cruise day.

However, if you are interested to meet other people that travel on the same tour as you, feel free,
to head to our Facebook page and introduce yourself to our lovely community!


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