Before you Go

  • Are you packing?

Did you actually book to join us? We are all cheering and clapping our hands here! Keep in mind that there is limited space on our ships and our yachts, so we advise the use of a soft-sided bag, such as backpack. If you are traveling for long and if it is not possible no worries! Our on board staff will take care of it!

Light windproof/waterproof jacket Beach towel Travel insurance
Swimming-suit Sunscreen Passports
Cloths for clubbing First aid kit Euros in cash
Comfortable walking shoes Your favorite book Visa if required
Flip flops Camera Booking confirmation
Sunglasses Phone charger International driving license
Sun hat European power adapter. (All appliances require a double round pin type plug for 220 volts, AC, 50 hertz)
  • Arrival Complications

Did you get stuck somewhere? Did you find out that your flight got cancelled last minute? If for any reason you are unable to join your trip as scheduled, as soon as possible please contact the emergency number below.

If you need to contact us during a situation of emergency, it is best to first call either Sail in Greece Greek Office or our Sail in Greece UK Office. If for any reason you do not receive an immediate answer, please try our emergency contact number below.


Koulito  (Country Operations Manager) +30 694 4429002 (24/7 working hours)

  • Starting / Finishing Point Instructions

Did you book your flight already? Before you do, please read carefully the following. Regarding booking onward travel for the last day of your Sail in Greece Adventures, a flight time of 2pm or later is safe, however earlier flight times can be served if necessary just please inform on the first day your leader. If you arrive the same day that your “adventure” starts allow yourself at least 3 hours for Athens and 2 hours for the islands in order to reach on time your meeting point. If you need further advice on booking your flights please email us

Are you planning to arrive earlier or stay longer after our tours? Do you need your “friend” to secretly tell you where to stay?

    •   Athens accommodation: If you plan to stay in Athens for more days we highly recommend you to stay at the Student and Travelers inn.
    •   Mykonos accommodation: If you plan to stay in Mykonos for more days we highly recommend you to stay at the Paradise resort.
    •   Santorini accommodation: If you plan to stay in Santorini for more days we highly recommend you to stay at the Villa Popi hotel.

If you want to make your booking for hostels/hotels within Greece is the web site with the BEST rates and properties within Greece.

  • Laundry

Are you traveling for long and you desperately need laundry? Laundry facilities can be found in some harbors or in Athens. Ask your tour manager for information.

  • Money Exchange

In Greece you can exchange any foreign currency and/or traveler checks in banks and money exchange “kiosks” in Athens and in the main islands. Useful tip: remember that Greek banks are “lazy” and open from 8:00am until 2pm and don’t reopen later. The only currency accepted in Greece is the EURO.

  • Tipping

Did you enjoy the service offered? Was the waitress at the bar cute? Tipping is an optional but most of the times expected component of your tour in Greece. Tipping varies but usually can be counted as 10% of the total bill. If you have any questions regarding tipping feel free to ask your tour leader or skipper.

  • Transportation around Athens:
    •   Airport to/from Athens

    If you are at the airport and you try to reach Athens you have 2 options. 1) Taking the bus X95 that gets you straight at Syntagma square. Costs 5 euros, runs every 20 minutes, works 24 hours and lasts around 1 hour. 2) Taking the metro, blue line that costs 8 euros and runs till midnight and get off at Syntagma. On rush hours it is better to use metro as it is quicker and takes around 45 minutes.

    •   Airport to/from Pireaus

    The quickest and cheapest way to get to Pireaus port is taking the public bus X96 that costs 5 euros, runs 24 hours and drops you off right at the Pireaus port. There is also a metro connection but is not recommended.

    • Athens to/from Pireaus

    There is a bus that starts from Syntagma square (bus number: 040) and runs 24 hours. The ticket costs 1, 20 euros and Pireaus port is the last stop. Also there is a metro connection with the green line that drops you off at Pireaus port also. The metro closes at midnight.

In Greece incidents of crime are really rare. However we have outlined some rules that you should follow in any case:

    •   Do not leave your belongings unattended on beach or on boat decks
    •   We strongly recommend the use of a neck wallet or money belt while traveling
    •   Always close your cabin door when you are away.
    •   Be careful of pickpockets in busy places.

Even if you travel to “taste” the Greek sun in the Aegean Sea in the summer it can be intense. We recommend you to drink a lot of water, wear your sun hut and a strong sun cream. The tap water in Greece in most of the places is ok, but we recommend you to use bottle water along the cruise. For more info ask your leader.

If any of your valuables got stolen, you have to report it to the police and claim it later from your insurance company.

The public health system in Greece is adequate and most doctors speak English. Hospitals can be found in main cities and even in the islands. In case of an emergency ask personal assistance from your tour leader.

Travel safe!

The Sail in Greece Team


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