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Why You Should Go On A Cruise to Zante, Greece

Greece has so many beautiful areas with rich histories and cultures. While you might have heard of places like Mykonos, Zante is part of the unforgettable Ionian Islands, and a cruise is the perfect way to see this coastal area. 

In this guide, you’ll learn more about Zante, including some exciting things to do and see while you’re there. You’ll then discover how a Zante gulet cruise is the perfect way to experience this beautiful island.


Where Is Zante, Greece?

The mainland of Greece is surrounded by many smaller islands, and each of these offers its own flavor, history, and sightseeing. Zante, which is also commonly known as Zakynthos, is located on the southwest coast of Greece. It’s part of the Ionian islands. One of the main areas of the island to visit is Zakynthos Town. 


How Can I Get To Zante?

Because Zante is an island, you won’t be able to get there by car. Instead, you’ll need to access the area either by ferry or some other boat. One of the simplest ways to reach this stunning island is through a gulet cruise. These cruises take people on luxurious wooden yachts around the Greek isles. But these vessels are very different from the large cruiseliners you might be familiar with, as they are much more secluded and private. If you’re looking to experience Zante, a gulet cruise is an ideal way to beat any crowds.


What Is The History Of Zante?

Zante has a long, rich history and is even mentioned in The Iliad and The Odyssey. In ancient times, the area’s central location was an advantage strategically, and it was an easy place to live and grow crops. So, most of the inhabitants were wealthy and had some influence and power. 

In more recent history, Zakynthos Island was ruled at various times by Russia and England, but it was re-integrated into Greece in 1864.


What Is Zakynthos Island Known For?

The Venetians of long ago called Zante the “Flower of the Orient,” and this nickname gives you some indication of what the area looks like. The landscape is full of lush vegetation and includes coastal areas as well as pine-covered mountains and fertile plains that are ideal for growing food. 

The summers in Zante are warm and sunny, and the island boasts many of the most beloved ingredients from Mediterranean cuisine, such as grapes, olives, and citrus fruits. If you love good food and wine, you’ll find the best here. 

Along with the beautiful views and fascinating history, Zante has also become a tourist destination. Many people enjoy participating in outdoor activities here or enjoying nature as the island hosts the endangered sea turtle, Caretta Caretta. These turtles reproduce on the beaches of Zante Island, so you may get lucky if you time a trip right and get to see the adult turtles on beaches as they lay their eggs.


What Is There To Do In Zante, Greece?

If you love the beach, Zante is the perfect destination. The island has world-famous beaches that feature golden sand. Some of the most popular beaches are Alykes and Laganas. While some of these beach areas have many hotels, restaurants, bars, and more, others are quieter and allow visitors to see more of the natural environment. 

Along with the natural vistas and beach activities, the island also has a rich tradition of music and architecture. 


What Are Some Specific Activities To Experience In Zante?

While the overall island and Zante Town specifically are unbelievable to view, there are some specific recreational activities you can check out. 

Here is what we recommend:

  • Go inside the Blue Caves: The water under these natural stone arches is exceptionally bright. The colors are almost neon, and swimming or boating around the area is a can’t-miss activity.
  • Experience a nightclub: The Greek islands are known for exceptional nightlife. There are various nightclubs on the island, but Barrage Club is especially popular.
  • Eat as much as you can: While this is a general point more than a specific one, Zante has no shortage of local cuisine to check out. If you get the chance, try as many new foods as possible.
  • Snorkel with the turtles: These majestic creatures are exciting no matter where you see them, but they look best while swimming in their natural habitat. Loggerhead turtles that reproduce on the island are easy to see if you book a boat tour. You’ll even be able to snorkel near the area. 


What Does A Cruise To Zante Entail?

A gulet cruise is one of the best ways to see any of the Ionian Islands. These boats vary in size, but most contain around four to 16 cabins. So, they are rather private when compared to other options like ferries. Unlike the large cruise ships you might know about, a gulet cruise is much smaller and allows you privacy. You’ll be able to see more of the views of the coastline and enjoy on-deck activities and a private cabin where you can store your belongings. 


Why You Should Book A Cruise Today

At Sail in Greece, our beautiful ocean gulet named the M/S Aphrodite carries passengers to Zante and the surrounding areas. This particular boat can hold up to 20 people and has seven ensuites. During our Zante cruise, we make stops in Agia Efimia, Meganiki, Poros, Vathi, Fiskardo, and Zante.

The itinerary includes swim stops, guided tours, and even includes lunches and two dinners.

With a gulet cruise to Zante and back, you’ll experience the best of Greece. You’ll be able to sightsee and learn about the history of the area and then enjoy the views on board as we sail along the coast. You can relax on the beach, swim, or drink some wine as you sit on the deck. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see Greece, a gulet cruise to Zante is a perfect choice. It’s easy to get started, and we have flexible booking options. Reach out today to find out more. 


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