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Water Sports in the Greek Islands

Water Sports in the Greek Islands

You might think summer in the Greek islands is all about lounging on beaches and sipping cocktails until dawn, but warm days by the beach may be the perfect time to get active as well.

Below, we cover some of the adrenaline-packed activities you can learn or practice on the islands we visit with Sail in Greece Adventures!


Windsurfing is very popular in Greece, thanks to the country’s plentiful beaches and strong island winds. We even have an Olympic champion from our shores – Nikos Kaklamanakis, a Gold Medal winner in Atlanta and Silver Medal winner in Athens.

The Aegean islands are perfect for windsurfing, thanks to their frequently breezy conditions. Paros, Naxos, and Mykonos particularly are known all over Greece for their windsurfing spots. Try Mikri Vigla and Laguna in Naxos, Chrysi Akti (Golden Beach) in Paros, and Kalafatis and Ornos beaches in Mykonos.

Many great windsurfing beaches in Greece have surf schools with qualified instructors as well as windsurf rentals, so even if you’ve never tried this sport before, you can start learning in some of the best spots in the world!


Kitesurfing has become very popular in the past few years in Greece, and you will often find kitesurfers and windsurfers vying for spots in the same beaches. However, advanced windsurfers usually need stronger winds than kitesurfers, so the crowd in the water will change as the wind strengthens throughout the day.

Pounda beach in Paros is a world-renowned spot for experienced kitesurfers. Mikri Vigla and Agios Georgios (Saint George) beaches in Naxos also attract plenty of windsurfers, while Korfos in Mykonos has a great kitesurfing school for beginners to learn the sport.


For those who prefer snowboarding to surfing, wakeboarding may be the water sport for you. The good thing about wakeboarding is that you don’t have to wait for ideally windy conditions, you just need a calm day with little air.

Many of the same beaches and schools that cater to kitesurfers and windsurfers on windy days are also set up for wakeboarding when the water is calm. Check out Golden Beach and Tsoukalia in Paros, Mikri Vigla and Saint George Beach in Naxos, and Ftelia and Kalafati beaches in Mykonos.

Scuba Diving

As you can imagine in a country renowned for its incredible summer, ancient (sometimes underwater) ruins, and crystal clear waters, Greece boasts a fair number of scuba divers and PADI schools throughout its islands.

Naxos and Mykonos have some incredible dive sites. Visit Prasonisia (which has excellent marine life and antiquities) and Dragonisi Island Caverns in Mykonos, as well as a large cavern called The Dome and a downed German seaplane in Naxos.

The possibilities for an active, fun-filled summer in Greece are endless, and the good news is, you don’t even have to leave the water to enjoy these sports.

Try something new this summer on the sunny Greek islands!

Join our Sail in Greece cruises and enjoy Greece, Sea, Party, Mega gulets and Water sports!


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