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Catamaran charter VS Gulet charter

Catamaran Charter VS Gulet charter

It goes without saying that the catamarans have conquered the charter market the last coming years and many clients around the world who are looking for a premium experience compared to the sailing yachts are booking more and more a catamaran, either bareboat or crewed. Gulets on the other hand tend to be ideal for a niche market in the yachting industry, with passionate clientele, who no matter where they choose to sail they are specifically looking for a gulet to charter.

But why gulets undoubtedly are a better boat to spend your holidays on board compared to a catamaran?          Catamaran charter vs gulet charter

Chartering a catamaran is a pretty straight forward path, where you as a client can select either if you wish to charter it bareboat or if you wish to hire a skipper and/or a steward as well. On the other hand a gulet is always crewed, as usually due to its size or its peculiarities to navigate with her, a crew is mandatory. This main factor actually is the first important factor that makes the experience on a gulet a much more luxurious and comfortable sail. Imagine a team of 3 or 4 crew members working together for an entire season, how effective they can be, how professional with attention to detail towards the guests can behave and how much you as a guest can gain from that. When you charter a catamaran and request crew, you most likely will end up having for the entire week a skipper or a steward that have not worked or worked very little together, getting to know the boat its self and not focusing entirely on the experience of their guests. We use to say that a crew can make or break a week and before chartering a catamaran, getting to know the behind the scenes system might put second thoughts.

Is the crew on board the only factor why i should charter a gulet instead of catamaran?

The answer is definitely no! People in the yachting industry usually tend to describe a catamaran a boat with comfortable cabins, luxurious interior and exterior areas and lush overall environment. However, have you ever thought that the boat professionals usually compare catamarans to the sailing yachts? In general terms a gulet is of higher standards of any catamaran. Usually gulets offer cabins with private bathroom, spacious cabins with room for your personal belongings and cloths, toilets, showers and shower cubs. Air condition is usually a facility that gulets offer and as you go more on the luxury side you can find either jacuzzi s inside. As we move into the dining room, the sun deck and the living room, the comparison gets worse. The catamarans lack in space, room for sundecks and the overall dimensions create a sense of confinement compared to a gulet. Large sideways, platforms to reach the water and fully equipped kitchens make you feel that you charter a floating villa and not a boat.

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Is a gulet a much more expensive boat to charter ?

The answer is normally a gulet is slightly more expensive that to charter a catamaran, but that depends on the broker you use, on the type of gulet and on the destination you selected to sail. The added values that your holidays will gain from gulets outweigh definitely the slightly higher rates that might have from a catamaran and it goes without saying that if you are a group of 12 and more and wish to be all together in 1 boat, gulet is the only option to go for.

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