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Travel Guide Zante

Find out everything about your holidays in Zakynthos (or Zante) on our travel guide! Discover fantastic beaches, top destinations, as well as a wide variety of amazing photos

Navagio (Shipwreck)

Sweet Home to the worldwide renowned Navagio (Shipwreck) beach and glorified by infinite travel guides, Zante island is one of the most popular Greek islands in the Ionian sea and only! Jaw dropping destinations, breathtaking bays with sugar-fine sand and crystal clear waters together insane party life are the main reasons why Zakynthos is so popular worldwide among all ages.


Zante Cruise

But, why zakynthos boat rental is the best way to explore her?

First of all, The beach of Navagio or Shipwreck as it is also knows, is the most popular beach of Zakynthos located on the westside of the island, adjacent to Anafotiria village. The Shipwreck is if not THE definitely one of the most photographed sights in Greece. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Navagio beach is accessible only by boat and while there are numerous day cruises that reach there, usually tourists are packed like sheep in metallic boats that are packed. Apart from lacking in comfort and space you have limited time while at Navagio, as the day cruises are always on a tight schedule. The best way to visit shipwreck is to hire a boat and sail there at your own pace and comfort.
You can join as well our 7 day Zante Cruise that depart from May till October every Saturday and you will visit shipwreck from your private deck in style!

Ionian Islands

Furthermore, Zakynthos has plenty of other beautiful islands near by that an island hopping experience will be a must do experience in this part of the world. Greek ionian islands such as Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kastos and Kalamos, can be easily accessed by boat and a Zakynthos cruise sounds like the ideal holiday plan. With ferries that connect these islands being in scarcity even during peak season, the flexibility and comfort that a private boat offers anyways and the infinite secluded bays, inhabitant tiny islands and other hidden gems reached only be sea, makes Zakynthos boat cruise the only easy way to visit the Southern Ionian islands effective and efficient.


During our Zante cruise you will have 7 full days to cruise around Zante and the adjacent ionian islands, such as Kefalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada, Meganissi, Kasto, Kalamos. If you are a group of friends you can always hire a boat as private. Please check our fleet or email us :

It goes without say that a zakynthos cruise is the best way to visit the island and the Southern ionian islands. Whether you travel solo, as a couple, family or large group of friends avoid the crowds and set sail around Zakynthos!


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