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Paxos is a unique Greek island located in the Ionian sea, for everyone who loves a bit of beach life and translucent blue crustal waters. The east coast is home to a number of quite and pebbly bays with easy access, family-friendly coves, while the much more aggressive west area offers dramatic and steep cliffs and more off-the-beaten-track beaches which require quite long walks and hike to reach them.


However the best way to explore the coastline of Paxoi or Paxos is to hire a boat and sail around the island at your own pace. Due to its rich coastline Paxoi offer to its visitors multiple jaw rapping bays and coves accessible only by boat, that is the main reason why to hirea boat at paxos is #1 choice for the majority of the travelers every year. We will address below the beaches that are accessible easily by boat and are highly recommended for morning swim stops or even evenings spent at anchor away from the crowds.


Galazio ( the Greek word for light blue)
Where: on the west side, just opposite the island from Gaios.
Description: a small pebbly beach shaped out of the cliffs of the west side. The color of the water is specifically breathtaking.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while enjoying freshly cooked lunch on board and playing with our water toys on board, kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.


Where: on the west side as well, a little  north of Galazio beach.
Description: a cove that includes the long rocky inlet and reef of Agrilas. At one side there is a cozy pebble bay but the majority of the people go for the great blue waters and of course the scuba diving activity offered.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while playing with our water toys on board,  kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.

Meanwhile apart from Paxoi ( or Paxos) , on neighboring Antipaxos…

A 30-minute sail on the southern part from Paxos will take you to the paradisiacal beaches of Antipaxos. Antipaxos has multiple beaches that worth anchoring your boat and feel the summer breeze, but 2 of them are by far the most popular ones for the boat lovers. Vrika and Voutoumi, two amazing stretches of sand lapped by turquoise waters of a pure electric blue ( galazio). Both secluded bays have lined-up tavernas serving fresh fish and a couple of hours spent on one or both of them is time well spent indeed!
During our Ionain Cruise we include a half day cruising around these 2 breathtaking beaches and our quests will have the opportunity to swim on both of them.

To sum up, it goes without saying that to hire a boat at Paxoi is one of the best ways to get to know the island and our Ionian Cruise will offer you that experience including the best out of Paxoi and Antipaxoi as well.

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