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Naxos sailing trips

One of the most exciting ways you may enjoy while on Naxos is sailing cruises. It is at the same time the best way to experience the island’s breathtaking coastline and cruise to the adjacent islands. Naxos boat trips are usually organized on a daily scale, but do not leave much of a time for exploration. We highly suggest to join a multiday sailing either as a private group to rent your own boat or an organized cruise. The itinerary is subject to change, always weather dependent as most of the times it is the strong wind that defines the boat route. With safety first always, the captain of the boat sets sail normally from the port of Naxos Town or from another pre-arranged pick-up point where the group can reach the boat easier and start their cruising holidays.

You may rent any of the available gulets online from our available gulet fleet ( Click Here) before coming to Naxos or wait till you arrive there and arrange a pick up service. Please take into consideration that availability depends on seasonality so make your plans early enough to make sure your plans will not be disrupted..

A cruising vacation includes swimming at secluded private bays, experiencing hidden coves and gems, diving from the boat or from natural cliffs, taking lots of Instagram photos (some of which can be underwater), enjoying cruising lessons from your captain on board and of course freshly prepared meals and drinks served.

Organized daily sailing tours will not get you too far from Naxos. You might be able to  visit coastal Paros, Antiparos, Schinoussa, Koufonissia but not all within the same trip. We organize an 8 day cruise from Mykonos ( Mykonos Cruise) where you will have 8 days cruising around the Cyclades where you will visit at your own pace and on relax mode multiple islands on the way such as Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Ios, Little Cyclades.

There is always the alternative of wishing to spent for a 2 or 3 day boat tour. In that case, you will need to rent the entire boat to yourself and your group, which will definitely increase the cost but will give you the full freedom to arrange your holidays as per your wishes. Check our gulet fleet and send us an email for detailed offers. You can cruise around the Aegean Sea, visit many of the Cyclades islands you wish (Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, the Small Cyclades) or simply enjoy the comfort and luxury of a gulet with your friends.

Gulet rentals have taken off in the last years and many online or offline brokers have emerged in the yacht market making it a very profitable tourist business. We are the boat owners, so be booking with us direct you make sure best prices are warranted. It is also not uncommon to charter a gulet cruising all the way from Athens. Available ports for our gulets are in Zeas, Lavrio and Flisvos where they offer multiple services along the way

While on board, the captain might have already organized couple of special events, depending on the weather conditions and the number and average age range of guests. Our cruises normally offer much more than just a Naxos sailing trip. And, even though all captains & crew sailing from Naxos are very well experienced to the local prevailed weather conditions, marine life can be fully unpredicted. That is  the main reason why guests are expected to see a short term safety briefing presented by their captain, that will safeguard their safety.

To sum up, if you are looking to join a Naxos sailing, you can either charter one of our gulets as private for your group only fully flexible ( Gulet Fleet) or join our scheduled cruises from Mykonos that include Naxos and many more Cycladic islands on the way.


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