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Travel Guide Mykonos

Bored of reading lengthy travel guides and never reach the end? Read our short and to the point “travel guide” of Mykonos and smash your time! Mykonos is one of the worldwide famous party islands which nightlife is second to none. Here we will point out the 10 MUST things to see in Mykonos.

Little Venice

Little Venice is arguably the part of Mykonos that has been photographed and seen on postcards more than any other. This cozy area is full of elegant and traditional old houses that are located precariously on the edge of the sea. Quite amazing are the sunset views from Little Venice. Its whitewashed houses against the scenery of the azure blue Aegean Sea is just amazing.


Delos, the UNESCO protected island, where history is still alive, is opposite from Mykonos. If you like to “have an appointment” with Greek history Delos is a place you should not miss. The island where the Greek god Apolon was born, will share us with captures of monuments that create a feeling of living in the past.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is the most popular beach on the island where thousands of young travelers relax on the beach and enjoy the white sandy with azure blue waters beach. Refreshing cocktails, tasty snacks, live music and even dancing lessons are the day to day activities. Did you just find your Paradise?

Petros The Pelican

This lovely creature who welcomes you when you arrive at port of Mykonos is so famous that has even a name, Petros! Take the best selfie with the mascot of the island, coddle and feed him and he will count you as a friend!

Chora town

Mykonos town is the point where cosmopolitan life takes place in the island. Walk around the white washed houses, enjoy your coffee in the little cute shops, get lost in the narrow allies and have your eyes open as worldwide celebrities can be around! At night the town hosts some of the most famous clubs of the island, where alcohol connects the people!

The Windmills

The windmills of Mykonos are the landmark of the island. Located next to the old town, close to the little Venice, they have been used in the past for processing grain, nowadays they remain as a tourist attraction.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse is a fun activity on its own, but riding a horse in Mykonos it is a unique experience! It is a little bit pricy, but worth the try. Riding on the sea, crossing breathtaking landscapes and being the “cowboy of Mykonos” is an unforgettable experience.

Super Paradise Beach

The change of Guards takes place at Syntagma Square (Constitution Square) every hour. The guards dressed up with Greek traditional costumes and stand still in front of the statue of the “unknown soldier”. If you are lucky every Sunday at 11 a.m. they make a special parade where the guards marching. Don’t leave the city without a selfie with the guard. He cannot move!

Bars, clubs, nightlife

Let’s be honest. When you hear Mykonos, you imagine endless clubbing, drinks everywhere and wild night life. Amazing bars can be found in the town, such as Scandinavian bar, Caprice and in the outskirts the world famous clubs such as Cavo Paradiso, Paradise club and many others. Most of the beaches also host very vivid and lively beach bars where you can find people drinking and dancing from early in the morning.

Aegean Maritime Museum

When you think of Mykonos for definite you do not think of museums and history, but this one is quite cozy. In a little room you will find the Maritime Museum simple but fascinating. An old lady who speaks only Greek will try in any way to explain you all the things inside… Fortunately there are signs with English translation!


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