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Corfu or Kerkyra is one of the most popular islands in the complex of the Ionian islands. She is located in the northern part of them and together with her 3 smallest satellite islands ( Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki.) she attacts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. But one would say why to hire a boat in Corfu is the best way to explore Corfu and her surrounding destinations?

Well for many more reasons, which for the shake if this article we will name just a few.


Corfu is surrounded by multiple destinations that worth visiting and are accessible only by sea. The world wide famous blue lagoon that lies near Sivota is a natural gem that every single beach-bum would love to swim in their crystal clear waters. During our Ionian Cruise our beloved guests would have the privilege to explore the blue lagoon at their own pace, from their own private deck avoiding the crowds. You will be able to enjoy a boat trip around the blue lagoon and spend time there while enjoying your freshly cooked meal on board. In addition to, Corfu has a rich coastline of multiple coves and bays with turquoise blue waters and peaceful natural windless capes. Being able to sail corfu and explore these hidden gems and enjoy swim stops ads ultimate value to your holiday experience.

Furthermore, another important point that worth to cruise from Corfu and avoid the land arrangements, are the breathtaking bays along Antipaxoi, ideal for Instagram selfies and photos nothing like the real world! Called by many paradise on earth the famous bays of Voutoumi & Frikes will blow your mind. On our Ionian cruise from Corfu, we allow ourselves a full day at Antipaxoi to explore this paradise on earth and become one with nature away from civilization. Rest assured that by joining a corfu boat tour with us, there will be days looking like delusions!


It goes without saying that a must visit destination near by Corfu is Parga, a picture perfect traditional village in mainland of Greece, pole of attraction of thousands of travelers annually due to its traditional charm , the line-up taverna harbour and the fresh fish one can taste during a visit. Joining our Corfu cruise, you will have the opportunity to visit Parga and enjoy a dinner at a top-notch local taverna near the harbour. There is a not to be missed wine tasting excursion as well, where our guests will be able to see how local wine is being produced and of course at the end of the excursion to taste multiple local wines right from the vineyards!

Corfu Cruise

Where: on the west side as well, a little  north of Galazio beach.
Description: a cove that includes the long rocky inlet and reef of Agrilas. At one side there is a cozy pebble bay but the majority of the people go for the great blue waters and of course the scuba diving activity offered.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while playing with our water toys on board, ie kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.

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