Greek – English Language guide

The mother language of Greece is Greek, which has completely different alphabet, weird accent and rich vocabulary. Greek people speak fluently English especially the younger generation and you will find it easy to communicate. However here we would like to teach you some basic Greeks in order to get closer with the country understand some basic terms and feel that part of you is Greek! And who knows, one day you might leave here forever!

English Greek English Greek
Excuse me Signomi Please Parakalo
Thank you Efharisto Wine Kras-si
Good morning Kalimera Port Limani
Good night Kalinihxta Hotel Ksenodohxio
See you / Hello / Hi Yassou Airport Airodromio
How much is this? Posso Kanay Afto? That’s enough [polite] Arketa
How far is it? Posso makria einai? No…..thank you Ohxi…….efharisto
Do you have a toilet? Eheeyete Too-aletta? Orange Portokali
One room for (five) nights. Enna domatio ya (penday) vradia Bread Pso-mee
Can we see a menu Boroomay na doomay enna menoo Juice Xhimo
Can we pay the bill? Boroomay na plirosoomay? Mobile (phone) Kinito
Do you speak English? Milatay Ag-glika ? Rooms for rent Dohmatia
Sorry, I don’t speak Greek. Signomi, then milow ellenica Car Afto-kinito
This one Afto Potatoes Patates
That one Ekino Lamb Arr-nee
Yes Ne ( as in Next) Chicken Kotopooloh
No Ohxi Fish Psari
OK Endaxi Water Nerroh
How are you Ti-kanis Salad Salata
Too expensive Polee akrivo Beer Birra

Think you’re really struggling with your Greek pronunciation? Smile wider – this will completely help for any mistakes you may make.

Print this short guide and bring it with you to Greece- don’t worry how you sound, what your accent is like, any attempt by a visitor to speak even one word in Greek is always appreciated by locals!


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