Booze Ships

Our Booze ships are an excellent choice to accommodate on board our big group of travelers on our day trips to Aegina or elsewhere. These types of boat operate on your “BOOZE cruises” and they are really popular among our young or “young at heart” travelers that want to spend a fun day in Athens! Many times  a big group of friends that want to live the unreal too cruise!

All the boats have a massive upper deck that has plenty of space to chill, drink, sunbath or dance at the Djs rhythm. There are shared bathrooms on the ships and spots where you can relax under the shade, hidden from the sun. Comfy cushions are all around, either for sunbathing or for “crawling”. It sounds like unreal? There also available board games to bring the spirit together and masks for snorkeling.

What is included on a Booze Cruise ?

Now the good part starts! All our BOOZE ships have amazing bars inside, stocked with massive variety of drinks and alcohol. Our bartenders are eager to serve you with crazy cocktails, or local drinks, but imported ones are of course available. All our drinks are free of charge, but that does not mean you are not allowed to bring yours! SO feel free to do so or be the best friend with our bartenders! Our boats have tenders if you want to reach the shore and you do not trust your swimming abilities and are equipped with barbeque facilities. Get ready for the best sailing barbeque of your life at secluded bays!

The on board staff can be counted as like-minded travelers. Locals, with a genuine love of their country and a natural gentleness, are willing to show you the BEST of GREECE. We work hard to keep our staff close enough to our core values and create a smooth atmosphere on board.

PS* Please note that Booze cruises can be arranged for groups in other areas of Greece, email us on for more information


BOOZE Cruises
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