Harmonia… 3rd Greek Goddess joined our fleet!

Join us on board our new gulet Harmonia, this traditional sailing gulet, enable you to experience the best of greek islands  in comfortable surroundings.

What makes a gulet cruising very different from all other cruisings, is a fact that our guests have really comfortable accommodation, best service possible and privacy.

Harmonia in ancient Greek religion, is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord.

When you book a motor yacht it is all about going form point A to point B in the fastest possible way and then enjoying it there.

When you book  Harmonia and go sailing it is all about  going to point A to point B in a trilling fun way.

Harmonia  that holds 8 Triple Cabins , more elegant and comfy than each other with their own WC and air conditioning, with a total of 8 cabins is able to accomondate 24 people

This astonishing yacht offers a spacious outdoor dining area surrounded by comfortable and cozy cushions for you and your friends to enjoy group meals, lazy laid back nights or happy summer moments.

This jaw-dropping mega yacht operates exclusively on our YOLO cruises or is available for private hire for tailor made cruises in the Greek islands.

See you on Board!

The Sail in Greece Team

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