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It’s important to work out a budget for your travels – it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of your main expenses before you leave home, but it’s also vital to know the extra costs you can expect along the way too.

When booking your Sail in Greece cruise, you’ll need to account for extra expenses such as flights and travel insurance for example – and then there will be optional extras and drinks on board the ships. Extra expenses will vary depending on your requirements and therefore it is difficult to specify the exact amount of money that you can spend per day; however as a general rule, we suggest that you budget between €25 – €30 per day (£25 – £30 per day). This amount will adequately provide you with additional meals, drinks and optionals.

All of our ships offer fully-stocked bars and have a wide range of refreshing cocktails for those hot summer days lazing about on the topdeck. Unless you have specific dietary requirements, you cannot bring food or drink onboard the boat and you will need to purchase drinks from the ship’s bar.

Below is an example of Sail in Greece drinks you can expect on our range of ships & cruises.

Please note: Prices are an estimate only. Each ship will have varying price lists and menu options. Up to date prices and menu items will be available onboard and can be checked with your crew once you join your Sail in Greece cruise.


 Main Dish  Salad  Appetizer
 Pasta Tomato Sause Potato Salad Potato Fries
Chicken with rice Greek Salad Tzatziki
Greek Mousaka Ceasar Salad Meatballs
Imam Bayildi Vegetable Salad Potato Pie
Fish & Rice
Greek Souvlaki
Pasta Carbonara
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