Harmony Cruises Excursions

Scuba Diving  (Agistri)

This is a fantastic way to discover Agistri, and some of its hidden treasurers, Cost: 50 € p.p.

Water Sports(Poros)

This is a fantastic way to discover Poros, and some of its hidden treasurers, doing it in comfort and style in one of our luxury speed boat, a great way to enjoy your time on Poros, & meet up with fun people and have an awesome time. A fresh baguette is provided as light snack!

Cost: 40 € p.p.

Donkey Trails (Hydra)

Beyond the narrow stone lanes and steps that climb the slopes of Hydra town, the island is honeycombed with donkey trails that lead to hidden valleys, remote goat farms, monasteries, and tiny beaches

Cost: 30 € p.p.

Quad Bikes (Spetses)

This is the real adventure! Explore Spetses with our ATV’s, buggy’s and motorbikes! Drive through the picturesque villages of the island, feel the Saronic Breeze and get ready to experience the authentic Saronic scenery.

Cost: 30 € p.p.




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