Perfect for exploring the Sporades islands

Our charter base on the main port of the island of Skiathos is perfect for experiencing the adjacent areas and for cruises further away on the southern part to other famous Sporades Islands including Skopelos, Skyros, Peristera and Allonisos with its breathtaking marine underwater park! You are more than welcome to choose which Sporades islands you will visit and which itinerary you take! Our Sail in Greece team based on our local experience will guide you and create the best route for your gulet holidays. Skiathos is a popular destination with direct charter flights from many European countries flying  to the island. If you are not able to fly directly to Skiathos there is always the possibility to fly to Athens airport and then with just a 1:30 minutes bus ride you can reach the traditional village of Agios Konstantinos, from where we can as well start your Sporades cruise. Sail in Greece can guide you through out the process, just email us : [email protected] and we will take it from there.

Below you can find the most popular beaches around Sporades islands which make a Sporades boat tour the best way to explore them

Koukounaries Beach Skiathos Island

Koukounaries is the most popular beach in Skiathos island. Situated on the southern side, this is a spacious covge with sugar white sand and circled by nature. Very popular during high season with some beach bars and tavernas along the beach visiting by boat is a must to avoid crowds.


Lalaria Beach Skiathos Island

Only accessible by boat from the main port of Skiathos, Lalaria is located on the northern edge of Skiathos and is a breathtaking place of amazing beauty with large rocks rising out of the crystal clear turquoise sea waters.

Panormos Beach Skopelos Island

Situated on the southeastern side of Skopelos island, Panormos is a spaciousbay with soft white-washed pebbles and amazing clear water. With a heeling atmosphere and authentic nature all around, this is an amazing beach for families with kids and overall for people looking to relax close to nature.

Stafylos Beach Skopelos Island

Situated on the southern side of Skopelos island, Stafylos bay has been named by the Greek word ”stafyli” which means grape, as the surrounding area was rich in vineyards back in the old times. This is a beautiful coce with green trees around and crystal clear turquoise water.

Agios Dimitrios Beach Alonissos Island

Agios Dimitrios is a large bay on the northern side of Alonissos island. Part of the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, which makes it a perfect place for peaceful holidays. White little pebbles cover this spacious bay that distinguishes for the crystal waters and the beautiful natural environment. During high season Agios Dimitros beach gets very busy, so visiting her by private boat is recommended if you prefer to avoid the crowds.

Our gulets in Skiathos are available all year round and include a wide variety of our most popular amenities on board. Browse here our gulet fleet.  Special private charter arrangements can be agreed as well including day charters for sightseeing and gulet rentals for special events including business cruises, weddings and honeymoon trips or hen parties.

For any further information you can always email us : [email protected]



Ios is one of the most picturesque islands of famous Cyclades and one of the most breathtaking islands in the Aegean Sea. It is circled by Santorini, Paros, Naxos and Folegandros. Ios attracts every year a large amount of tourists, mainly younger people, due to its notoriously large variety of bars and clubs mainly situated in traditional Ios Town ( called Hora as well), 15 minutes walk from Ios port.

The jaw dropping beaches, infinite chapels and many archaeological interest points, white-washed houses and crystal clear waters offer the island its Cycladic famous beauty. It is a true fact that based on the ancient tradition, Íos was the homeland of Homer’s mother and the last resting island of the glorious epic poet.

Ios features a large variety of sightseeing places and spots of authentic natural charm, all combined with the unique and cozy Cycladic character that make her ideal for sailing. A large amount of beaches are accessible only via boat or they are ideal for anchoring with the boat and overnight at their peaceful environment. Some of the beaches listed below are included as a swim stop on our Mykonos Cruise where during our 8 day cruise we overnight at Ios. if you wish to rent a boat as private and have full flexibility you can check our gulet fleet here.

Mylopotas Beach

South west of Chora, Mylopotas beach, the busiest beach of Ios where Far Our camp is located as well, can get really busy during summer. The long white sandy beach extends for one kilometre and offers sun beds, beach bars, cafes, tavernas and water sports. We have a swim stop during our Mykonos cruise at Mylopotas Beach.


Manganari Beach

About 13 miles from Ormos harbour, on the southern part of Ios, at the near end of Mylopotas bay, a winding road climbs up the mountain and turns right before Kalamos monastery to get to the amazing and almost deserted Manganari cove. This breathtaking bay is divided into four idyllic coves with sugar-white sand or pebbles, and shallow turquoise waters. The particular bay is ideal for overnight stay on a boat, due to its quite and peaceful environment and the jaw dropping surroundings. Swim stop on our Mykonos cruise being one of the most popular ones amongst our guests, is the most photographed swim stop of all.

Papa beach

Little white-sugar sandy beach near the cove of Kalamos. The particular beach is not well organized, but the wilderness of its scenery and the light blue waters definitely repay the trip.

To sum up, whether you rent a boat as private for your group ( Gulet Fleet) or join our scheduled Mykonos Cruises, sailing in Ios is by far the best way to explore her.

If you have any requests or you wish any further assistance you can always email us : [email protected]


Naxos sailing trips

One of the most exciting ways you may enjoy while on Naxos is sailing cruises. It is at the same time the best way to experience the island’s breathtaking coastline and cruise to the adjacent islands. Naxos boat trips are usually organized on a daily scale, but do not leave much of a time for exploration. We highly suggest to join a multiday sailing either as a private group to rent your own boat or an organized cruise. The itinerary is subject to change, always weather dependent as most of the times it is the strong wind that defines the boat route. With safety first always, the captain of the boat sets sail normally from the port of Naxos Town or from another pre-arranged pick-up point where the group can reach the boat easier and start their cruising holidays.

You may rent any of the available gulets online from our available gulet fleet ( Click Here) before coming to Naxos or wait till you arrive there and arrange a pick up service. Please take into consideration that availability depends on seasonality so make your plans early enough to make sure your plans will not be disrupted..

A cruising vacation includes swimming at secluded private bays, experiencing hidden coves and gems, diving from the boat or from natural cliffs, taking lots of Instagram photos (some of which can be underwater), enjoying cruising lessons from your captain on board and of course freshly prepared meals and drinks served.

Organized daily sailing tours will not get you too far from Naxos. You might be able to  visit coastal Paros, Antiparos, Schinoussa, Koufonissia but not all within the same trip. We organize an 8 day cruise from Mykonos ( Mykonos Cruise) where you will have 8 days cruising around the Cyclades where you will visit at your own pace and on relax mode multiple islands on the way such as Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Ios, Little Cyclades.

There is always the alternative of wishing to spent for a 2 or 3 day boat tour. In that case, you will need to rent the entire boat to yourself and your group, which will definitely increase the cost but will give you the full freedom to arrange your holidays as per your wishes. Check our gulet fleet and send us an email for detailed offers. You can cruise around the Aegean Sea, visit many of the Cyclades islands you wish (Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, the Small Cyclades) or simply enjoy the comfort and luxury of a gulet with your friends.

Gulet rentals have taken off in the last years and many online or offline brokers have emerged in the yacht market making it a very profitable tourist business. We are the boat owners, so be booking with us direct you make sure best prices are warranted. It is also not uncommon to charter a gulet cruising all the way from Athens. Available ports for our gulets are in Zeas, Lavrio and Flisvos where they offer multiple services along the way

While on board, the captain might have already organized couple of special events, depending on the weather conditions and the number and average age range of guests. Our cruises normally offer much more than just a Naxos sailing trip. And, even though all captains & crew sailing from Naxos are very well experienced to the local prevailed weather conditions, marine life can be fully unpredicted. That is  the main reason why guests are expected to see a short term safety briefing presented by their captain, that will safeguard their safety.

To sum up, if you are looking to join a Naxos sailing, you can either charter one of our gulets as private for your group only fully flexible ( Gulet Fleet) or join our scheduled cruises from Mykonos that include Naxos and many more Cycladic islands on the way.


Sailing cruises around Lefkada

Experiencing the Ionian Islands under by a motorized gulet is the best way to unwind on vacations. Renting a boat offers you the flexibility to anchor in one of the beautiful bays, coves or inlets and explore some of the vast variety of the small Greek fishing ports. Whether you choose to look around the enchanting coastlines of Lefkada or spend time cruising around the neighbor islands or the mainland coast, you will have an unforgettable experience.

But why to rent a boat as Lefkada is the best way to explore her?

There are multiple secluded beaches that are best to reach by boat, private coves accessed only by boat and many adjacent Greek islands to Lefkada that worth visiting as well.


One of the most popular beaches in lefkada and maybe in Ionian islands as well. Famous for its crystal clear water and the sugar-white sand is a paradise on earth. During our Zante Cruise we visit the am amazing sandy beaches in the Ionian, Porto Katsiki and Egremni, for a breathtaking swimming stop in its crystal clear turquoise waters.


It is definitely worth visiting the three famous islands of Onassis, a Greek worldwide famous ship owner and stop for a relaxing afternoon swim on the private beach of Scorpios. All 3 islands are opposite of Nidri village and can be reached only by boat. During our Zante cruise we sail around the Skoprios island, while our captain describes the small history behind these legendary little islands.


Meganissi island is just next to Lefkada, where daily ferries depart from Nidri village on a 30 minutes ferry ride. However Meganissi apart from the breathtaking secluded beaches that someone can find while sailing around it, is famous for the Cave of Papanikolis located on the western side of Meganisi. This popular cave is known to be used from Captain Latridis as a hiding place for his submarine, during the world war 2. Papanikolis case is also included on our Zante cruise, where we offer a swim stop and lunch on board to our guests.


Kefalonia is one of the most popular islands in the Ionian islands. Rent a boat at Lefkada and you will be able to explore the unforgettable is going to be our visit at Fiskardo, which is well known as the diamond of the Ionian islands. Fiskardo is situated at the northern part of the island. It is the only Kefalonian village that was not demolished by the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. FIskardo is an integral part of our Zante cruise itinerary where we arrive usually late afternoon and have spare time to explore it and enjoy a dinner at a local tavern .


The natural coves and bays, it’s authentic tradition ,the spectacular landscape, the gentleness and affectionate behaviour of its citizens, is what will make your holidays to Odysseys’ island a truly memorable discovery. Stop for meal, coffee and free time. Ithaka is an integral part of our Zante cruise itinerary where we arrive usually late afternoon and have spare time to explore it and enjoy a dinner at a local tavern.



The little island is a part of Greek important history, as the famous poet Aristotelis Valaoritis was born and raised at Madouri island. His great-grandchildren Manos Valaoritis and Eleni Karapanayioti inherited Madouri. Madouri island is accessible only by boat and is located opposite from Lefkada, just 30 minutes cruise away.

To sum up explore Lefkada by boat and its near by gems is the best way to do so. If you are a group and looking to hire a boat as private you can chech our gulet fleet ( Click Here) or if you are a smaller group of friends, families or couples you can join our scheduled cruises from Zakynthos that include Lefkada on the itinerary. For any furthe info email us : [email protected]


Multi Day sailing cruises in Paros

Discover the Greek paradise on a 8 day cruise starting from Mykonos but cruising around the entire island of Paros. Given the perfect location of Paros in the centre of the Cyclades, you have the ability to visit and experience the nearby beaches and coves.

Sail in Greece is proud to announce our Mykonos Cruise Experiences! With Sail in Greece we offer a vast range of multi day cruises from Athens and a number of popular islands throughout Greece, such as Corfu, Zante, Mykonos and introduce for the first time the idea of gulet holidays in Greece! Our handpicked selected cruising routes allow you to cruise for 7 days in total (returning to your starting point) and experience multiple islands on the way such as Paros, Naxos, Ios, Koufonisia and Mykonos. It is a brand new way to island hop around Paros! Check here our Mykonos Cruise & the rest of our 8 day Gulet Greece cruises.

Paros Boat Tour

A Paros boat tour offers you a unique trip of a lifetime which consists anchoring in private bays, pristine coves, or as a direct means of transportation to island hop around the Greek islands. Dive into the magical Aegean waters by using our snorkelling masks offered on board, or just sunbath on deck and feel the summer sun and breeze, while enjoying our freshly prepared home made meals on board by your dedicated chef, as well as delicacies and drinks served throughout your cruise with us.

Regular Departures

The Paros boat tour is part of our Mykonos cruise typically start and finish from marina Tourlos on a Saturday basis. Our regular Mykonos cruises include your own private gulet with crew, all fuel and taxes, coffee, soft drinks and daily meals. Not included are additional drinks, or transfers to and from the port all of which can be easily arranged by letting us know you specific requirements. Of course there is available a large variety of gulets on our fleet if you are interested to rent a boat as private. Browse here our gulets

Luxury Gulet Cruises

In addition to our ordinary Paros boat tours we are delighted to offer the finest of luxury gulet cruises custom made to fit your needs. Our luxury gulet cruises are available on an exclusive variety of gulets and come with crew to make sure your every need is catered to! Our luxury gulet cruises may include any preferred route and can be one or more days depending on your schedule and needs.
The only thing you have to do is to inform us about your requirements and we will be happy to help make your dream paros boat tour to the Greek islands a memorable one!

Wedding / Honeymoon Cruises

We are delighted to also offer exclusive gulet charter arrangements for special circumstances such as weddings or honeymoons. From a private boat tour just for the married couple to full crewed multi-day cruise  for the entire wedding group we are delighted to make your special event just so… special!

Contact us with your preferences and we will revert to you with multiple proposals. Email : [email protected] or +30 2112152595


7 day sailing cruises in Kos

Sail in Greece is proud to announce a Dodecanese Sailing cruise! With our Kos cruise we offer a 7 day cruise in order to explore Kos and a number of popular islands throughout Dodecanese and launch for the first time the idea of a 7 day cruise from Kos! Our handpicked cruising routes allow you to cruise for 7 days in total while enjoying your private en-suite fully air-conditioned cabin. It is a entire new way to island hop in Greece and in particular around Dodecanese islands!

But is kos boat trip the best way to explore Kos island?

Kos is a large scale island (the 3rd largest in Greece) with a variety of things to do and see. Cruising around Kos is a the perfect way to spend your valued days of your Greek island holiday in a way you will have never done before! Depart from the main Kos Marina, cruise to a secluded private beach or bay where you can sunbath or swim and explore Kos island and then have a home made cooked lunch on board from our private chef or walk to a traditional island taverna for a dinner. Our 8 day cruises from Kos island typically include cruising at private capes and beaches along the Kos coast, a visit in the nearby island of Pserimos and obviously many more Dodecanessae islands such as Symi, Tylos, to name but a few. Pserimos is picturesque small island with a population of just a few hundred inhabitants. It is an off-the-beaten path island, much preserved from the main tourism buzz of Kos with a dazzling main town with a few restaurants and of course a number of romantic beaches to experience and swim at! As unique attribute, Pserimos is one of the very few Greek islands closed off to auto-mobile traffic (a few service vehicles for local residents the only exception). Another popular attraction that you will visit while on a Kos boat trip, is Kos exploring the island itself, cruising the spacious bay of Kos and visiting beaches and off the beaten path destinations while cruising down the coast. Jump of the boat and snorkel wherever you like, and if you are lucky enough you might see a flock of pink flamingos relaxing on the salt flats!

Regular Departures
Our 8 day cruises normally start and finish from Kos Marina, leaving on Saturdays. Our regular Kos cruise include your private own gulet with crew, all fuel and taxes, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and daily prepared meals from our chef. Not included are additional drinks, transfers to and from the port all of which can be easily arranged by letting us know you specific requirements.

Luxury Cruises

In addition to our ordinary cruises we are proud to offer the finest of gulet cruises custom made to fit your personal taste. Our luxury gulet cruises are available on an exclusive selection of gulets, where the crew will make sure your every need is catered to! Our luxury cruises may include any desired itinerary and can be one or more days depending on your schedule and needs.
Just let us know your requirements and we will be pleased to help make your dream trip to the Greek islands one to never forget!
You can browse here our gulet fleet from Kos ( Click Here)

Wedding / Honeymoon Cruises

We are delighted to also offer exclusive charter gulets for special conditions such as weddings or honeymoons. From a private cruise just for the happy couple to full fledged multi day cruises for the entire wedding party we are happy to make your special occasion just that… special!

Check here our gulet fleet available for private charter Click Here
Browse our shared gulet cruises around Greece here



Rhodes island is located in the western part of Greece, member of the group of Dodecanese islands, which has many spectacular beaches and sandy bays. The island offers to its visitors a vast collection of Rhodes coves with multiple amenities, including lodges, local taverns, nightlife and watersports clubs. All beaches in Rhodes have turquoise waters and they are breathtaking in natural beauty. If we had to vote the best Rhodes beaches would be Tsambika, Saint Paul’s cove, Ladiko, Kallithea, and many others. There are plenty of beaches and near by islands that hire a boat in Rhodes the best way to explore her. See below few must visit destinations by boat

Anthony Quinn Bay

The Anthony quinn bay, kallithea and traganou bay. Visit the most breathtaking bays of Rhodes in one day by boat. Enjoy a swim stop in  the light blue waters of Anthony Quinn, Kallithea and Traganou bays, or take a free full day simply sunbathing and watching the landscape.  You can have a look on our gulet fleet ( Click Here) and charter one of our yachts for your Rhodes cruise.

Cruise to Symi

Enjoy a full day cruise to Symi – a little vintage traditional island near Rhodes. As you reach the natural curved port of Symi, you will be dazzled by this amazing island. One of the most breathtaking islands of the Dodecanese, Symi is a natural treat with its colorful structures and imposing chapels. Lively Gialos, theport area, is very small and cozy but lined up with little coffe shops, fish and seafood taerns, sponge and spice stalls. For shopping maniacs, there are traditional handmade jewelry, apparel and present shops. On the way to Symi it is worth to visit the Sain George]s bay, claimed to be  one of the most beautiful beach all around the world. Jump in its emerald light blue waters or relax on the boat to enjoy its wild visual surroundings. To hire a boat in Rhodes is a the best way to explore Symi and its amazing coastline surroundings.

Visit Chalki Island

Enjoy a full day cruise visit to Chalki island – a unique Greek island paradise with cozy little colorful houses. Well knows as a little sister of Symi it actually resembles the world wide popular architecture of Symi Island. Maybe a little bit less maintained, but much more wild and authentic, and very much beloved by the Greeks. The port area is kinda tiny but lively with little cafes and restaurants. Every single place can be accessed by walking distance. The breathtaking beach of Agia Thekla should not be missed as well! We highly suggest to  have around a full free day to explore Chalki, enjoy a Greek traditional lunch on shore or coffee, and to swim at one of the most beautiful beaches in Dodecanese!

To sum up, there are many reasons why to hire a boat from Rhodes is the best way to explore her and the neighbouring islands such as Chalki and Symi. You can browse on our fully owned gulet fleet and enjoy your gulet holidays around Rhodes. If you have any questions you can always email us : [email protected]



Corfu or Kerkyra is one of the most popular islands in the complex of the Ionian islands. She is located in the northern part of them and together with her 3 smallest satellite islands ( Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki.) she attacts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. But one would say why to hire a boat in Corfu is the best way to explore Corfu and her surrounding destinations?

Well for many more reasons, which for the shake if this article we will name just a few.


Corfu is surrounded by multiple destinations that worth visiting and are accessible only by sea. The world wide famous blue lagoon that lies near Sivota is a natural gem that every single beach-bum would love to swim in their crystal clear waters. During our Ionian Cruise our beloved guests would have the privilege to explore the blue lagoon at their own pace, from their own private deck avoiding the crowds. You will be able to enjoy a boat trip around the blue lagoon and spend time there while enjoying your freshly cooked meal on board. In addition to, Corfu has a rich coastline of multiple coves and bays with turquoise blue waters and peaceful natural windless capes. Being able to sail corfu and explore these hidden gems and enjoy swim stops ads ultimate value to your holiday experience.

Furthermore, another important point that worth to cruise from Corfu and avoid the land arrangements, are the breathtaking bays along Antipaxoi, ideal for Instagram selfies and photos nothing like the real world! Called by many paradise on earth the famous bays of Voutoumi & Frikes will blow your mind. On our Ionian cruise from Corfu, we allow ourselves a full day at Antipaxoi to explore this paradise on earth and become one with nature away from civilization. Rest assured that by joining a corfu boat tour with us, there will be days looking like delusions!


It goes without saying that a must visit destination near by Corfu is Parga, a picture perfect traditional village in mainland of Greece, pole of attraction of thousands of travelers annually due to its traditional charm , the line-up taverna harbour and the fresh fish one can taste during a visit. Joining our Corfu cruise, you will have the opportunity to visit Parga and enjoy a dinner at a top-notch local taverna near the harbour. There is a not to be missed wine tasting excursion as well, where our guests will be able to see how local wine is being produced and of course at the end of the excursion to taste multiple local wines right from the vineyards!

Corfu Cruise

Where: on the west side as well, a little  north of Galazio beach.
Description: a cove that includes the long rocky inlet and reef of Agrilas. At one side there is a cozy pebble bay but the majority of the people go for the great blue waters and of course the scuba diving activity offered.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while playing with our water toys on board, ie kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.

For private charter request, check our gulet fleet or email us : [email protected]

Ionian Islands


The Ionian Islands are a bunch of islands located in the southern part of Greece. They are usually called the Heptanese , but the complex consists of many smaller lesser known islands as well as the seven main ones. The geographical region is very popular to tourists from all over the world with however Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia to be the most popular ones, with Paxoi, Ithaca, Lefkada and Meganissi to follow. Due to the structure of the islands they can be divided in the Northern Ionian islands and the southern Ionian islands.

But why visiting the Ionian islands with a private boat is the best way to do so?

Sailing the Ionian islands is far more comfortable and convenient compared to ferries and land transportation and this is also one of the main reasons why ionian sailing is very popular among travelers. Inconvenient ferry timetables, packing and unpacking your belongings in order to travel from one island to another, being stuck waiting at ferry ports or even inside the ferry lines, is the last thing you wish to do while visiting the Ionian islands. Our ionian cruises either our Zante Cruise or our Ionian Cruise offer you island hopping experience around the ionian islands in style. Private ensuite cabins, spacious communal areas, delicious freshly prepared meals from your chef on board and a laid back mentality is the absolute way sailing the ionian sea.

Sailing the ionian islands offers you the flexibility you are looking for during your Greek holidays. There are no check in/ check out times to obey, no overcrowded places that you must get through to reach your preferred destination or herds of tourists lined up to specific locations. It is you and the sea, your boat and the sun. You decide where you wish to go and what time you wish arrive. On board our cruises you will be pampered by our highly experienced local crew that will give you the best recommendations for places to visit and things to do. You will save plenty of time and avoid any local experiences that will not live up to your expectations. Attention to detail is our priority and your ionian cruise with us will create memories that will last forever.

Are you interested to sail the ionian islands? Check below our Sail in Greece cruises and see you on board!

Are you a private group interested to charter the entire boar? Check our gulet fleet here. Email us : [email protected]



Paxos is a unique Greek island located in the Ionian sea, for everyone who loves a bit of beach life and translucent blue crustal waters. The east coast is home to a number of quite and pebbly bays with easy access, family-friendly coves, while the much more aggressive west area offers dramatic and steep cliffs and more off-the-beaten-track beaches which require quite long walks and hike to reach them.


However the best way to explore the coastline of Paxoi or Paxos is to hire a boat and sail around the island at your own pace. Due to its rich coastline Paxoi offer to its visitors multiple jaw rapping bays and coves accessible only by boat, that is the main reason why to hirea boat at paxos is #1 choice for the majority of the travelers every year. We will address below the beaches that are accessible easily by boat and are highly recommended for morning swim stops or even evenings spent at anchor away from the crowds.


Galazio ( the Greek word for light blue)
Where: on the west side, just opposite the island from Gaios.
Description: a small pebbly beach shaped out of the cliffs of the west side. The color of the water is specifically breathtaking.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while enjoying freshly cooked lunch on board and playing with our water toys on board, kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.


Where: on the west side as well, a little  north of Galazio beach.
Description: a cove that includes the long rocky inlet and reef of Agrilas. At one side there is a cozy pebble bay but the majority of the people go for the great blue waters and of course the scuba diving activity offered.
You can join our Ionian Cruise from Corfu and we include a swim stop there, while playing with our water toys on board,  kayak, SUP, snorkeling or fishing.

Meanwhile apart from Paxoi ( or Paxos) , on neighboring Antipaxos…

A 30-minute sail on the southern part from Paxos will take you to the paradisiacal beaches of Antipaxos. Antipaxos has multiple beaches that worth anchoring your boat and feel the summer breeze, but 2 of them are by far the most popular ones for the boat lovers. Vrika and Voutoumi, two amazing stretches of sand lapped by turquoise waters of a pure electric blue ( galazio). Both secluded bays have lined-up tavernas serving fresh fish and a couple of hours spent on one or both of them is time well spent indeed!
During our Ionain Cruise we include a half day cruising around these 2 breathtaking beaches and our quests will have the opportunity to swim on both of them.

To sum up, it goes without saying that to hire a boat at Paxoi is one of the best ways to get to know the island and our Ionian Cruise will offer you that experience including the best out of Paxoi and Antipaxoi as well.

For private charter request check your gulet fleet or email us : [email protected]