Yoga Cruise in Greece

Yoga Cruise in Greece

Yoga CruiseWhat is a Yoga Cruise really?

Is usually a week long on a boat island hopping around the spectacular Greek islands, while there is a professional yoga instructor on board that guides you through all ordinary exercises during a proper yoga class.

And why is it so important and acts as an energy boost towards your everyday life? What experience you would enjoy if you will be promised that a week away from the real world, will turn you to another person, a person that has nearly nothing like you old you?

A yoga cruise helps you escape any stress and anxiety everyday work brings us. You can unplug from all the day date given channels, such as newspapers, internet, television. You will search your inner side and will work towards refilling your batteries and become much more flexible and adaptable with your body. It is part of the yin & yang the Chinese culture tend to support. Possible for professional business groups or people who have no clue about yoga and wish to learn everything from the scratch while island hopping around the Greek islands too.

Yoga CruisingHow is this organized?

First of all, we either arrange the yoga instructor to be on board or you are more than welcome to bring yours. Our gulets are ideal, as the decks as large enough for a good amount of people practice yoga simultaneously without being confined in limited space. Every morning you will have an exercise on our spacious deck of the gulet in a breathtaking bay, far from civilization. The yoga equipment can either be on the gulet or you can bring your own special one. All you need to do is discus al info with our sales representatives and will guide you through the process. Needless to day, that as we are the largest fleet of gulets in Greece, we are able to offer yoga cruises in all possible cruising areas, such as The Saronic Gulf ( from Athens), the Ionian islands, the Sporades region, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese area. In addition to, we can organise a cruise either for a small group of 6 people or up to 46 people all sleeping guests on ensuite cabins fully airconditioned.

A typical Daily Program consists of :

Breakfast | Free time |  Lunch meal |  Free time |  Yoga class | Dinner | Free time

Yoga Cruise Price

The prices of our gulets are flexible and they depend on various factors like your cruising dates, the gulet you wish to book, the preferred destination (Ionian islands, Athens, Cyclades, Dodecanese), or what inclusions you wish to be offered during your cruise.

Just send us an email and we will be happy to quote you : [email protected] Usually the yoga instructor will need his privacy while on a yoga cruise. So if you need for example 5 cabins and would like to have a yoga cruise, choosing a 6 cabins gulet is mandatory.

Check here our available gulets for Yoga Cruise : Greek Gulet Fleet

Why You Should Go On A Cruise to Zante, Greece

Greece has so many beautiful areas with rich histories and cultures. While you might have heard of places like Mykonos, Zante is part of the unforgettable Ionian Islands, and a cruise is the perfect way to see this coastal area. 

In this guide, you’ll learn more about Zante, including some exciting things to do and see while you’re there. You’ll then discover how a Zante gulet cruise is the perfect way to experience this beautiful island.


Where Is Zante, Greece?

The mainland of Greece is surrounded by many smaller islands, and each of these offers its own flavor, history, and sightseeing. Zante, which is also commonly known as Zakynthos, is located on the southwest coast of Greece. It’s part of the Ionian islands. One of the main areas of the island to visit is Zakynthos Town. 


How Can I Get To Zante?

Because Zante is an island, you won’t be able to get there by car. Instead, you’ll need to access the area either by ferry or some other boat. One of the simplest ways to reach this stunning island is through a gulet cruise. These cruises take people on luxurious wooden yachts around the Greek isles. But these vessels are very different from the large cruiseliners you might be familiar with, as they are much more secluded and private. If you’re looking to experience Zante, a gulet cruise is an ideal way to beat any crowds.


What Is The History Of Zante?

Zante has a long, rich history and is even mentioned in The Iliad and The Odyssey. In ancient times, the area’s central location was an advantage strategically, and it was an easy place to live and grow crops. So, most of the inhabitants were wealthy and had some influence and power. 

In more recent history, Zakynthos Island was ruled at various times by Russia and England, but it was re-integrated into Greece in 1864.


What Is Zakynthos Island Known For?

The Venetians of long ago called Zante the “Flower of the Orient,” and this nickname gives you some indication of what the area looks like. The landscape is full of lush vegetation and includes coastal areas as well as pine-covered mountains and fertile plains that are ideal for growing food. 

The summers in Zante are warm and sunny, and the island boasts many of the most beloved ingredients from Mediterranean cuisine, such as grapes, olives, and citrus fruits. If you love good food and wine, you’ll find the best here. 

Along with the beautiful views and fascinating history, Zante has also become a tourist destination. Many people enjoy participating in outdoor activities here or enjoying nature as the island hosts the endangered sea turtle, Caretta Caretta. These turtles reproduce on the beaches of Zante Island, so you may get lucky if you time a trip right and get to see the adult turtles on beaches as they lay their eggs.


What Is There To Do In Zante, Greece?

If you love the beach, Zante is the perfect destination. The island has world-famous beaches that feature golden sand. Some of the most popular beaches are Alykes and Laganas. While some of these beach areas have many hotels, restaurants, bars, and more, others are quieter and allow visitors to see more of the natural environment. 

Along with the natural vistas and beach activities, the island also has a rich tradition of music and architecture. 


What Are Some Specific Activities To Experience In Zante?

While the overall island and Zante Town specifically are unbelievable to view, there are some specific recreational activities you can check out. 

Here is what we recommend:

  • Go inside the Blue Caves: The water under these natural stone arches is exceptionally bright. The colors are almost neon, and swimming or boating around the area is a can’t-miss activity.
  • Experience a nightclub: The Greek islands are known for exceptional nightlife. There are various nightclubs on the island, but Barrage Club is especially popular.
  • Eat as much as you can: While this is a general point more than a specific one, Zante has no shortage of local cuisine to check out. If you get the chance, try as many new foods as possible.
  • Snorkel with the turtles: These majestic creatures are exciting no matter where you see them, but they look best while swimming in their natural habitat. Loggerhead turtles that reproduce on the island are easy to see if you book a boat tour. You’ll even be able to snorkel near the area. 


What Does A Cruise To Zante Entail?

A gulet cruise is one of the best ways to see any of the Ionian Islands. These boats vary in size, but most contain around four to 16 cabins. So, they are rather private when compared to other options like ferries. Unlike the large cruise ships you might know about, a gulet cruise is much smaller and allows you privacy. You’ll be able to see more of the views of the coastline and enjoy on-deck activities and a private cabin where you can store your belongings. 


Why You Should Book A Cruise Today

At Sail in Greece, our beautiful ocean gulet named the M/S Aphrodite carries passengers to Zante and the surrounding areas. This particular boat can hold up to 20 people and has seven ensuites. During our Zante cruise, we make stops in Agia Efimia, Meganiki, Poros, Vathi, Fiskardo, and Zante.

The itinerary includes swim stops, guided tours, and even includes lunches and two dinners.

With a gulet cruise to Zante and back, you’ll experience the best of Greece. You’ll be able to sightsee and learn about the history of the area and then enjoy the views on board as we sail along the coast. You can relax on the beach, swim, or drink some wine as you sit on the deck. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see Greece, a gulet cruise to Zante is a perfect choice. It’s easy to get started, and we have flexible booking options. Reach out today to find out more. 


Catamaran charter VS Gulet charter

Catamaran Charter VS Gulet charter

It goes without saying that the catamarans have conquered the charter market the last coming years and many clients around the world who are looking for a premium experience compared to the sailing yachts are booking more and more a catamaran, either bareboat or crewed. Gulets on the other hand tend to be ideal for a niche market in the yachting industry, with passionate clientele, who no matter where they choose to sail they are specifically looking for a gulet to charter.

But why gulets undoubtedly are a better boat to spend your holidays on board compared to a catamaran?          Catamaran charter vs gulet charter

Chartering a catamaran is a pretty straight forward path, where you as a client can select either if you wish to charter it bareboat or if you wish to hire a skipper and/or a steward as well. On the other hand a gulet is always crewed, as usually due to its size or its peculiarities to navigate with her, a crew is mandatory. This main factor actually is the first important factor that makes the experience on a gulet a much more luxurious and comfortable sail. Imagine a team of 3 or 4 crew members working together for an entire season, how effective they can be, how professional with attention to detail towards the guests can behave and how much you as a guest can gain from that. When you charter a catamaran and request crew, you most likely will end up having for the entire week a skipper or a steward that have not worked or worked very little together, getting to know the boat its self and not focusing entirely on the experience of their guests. We use to say that a crew can make or break a week and before chartering a catamaran, getting to know the behind the scenes system might put second thoughts.

Is the crew on board the only factor why i should charter a gulet instead of catamaran?

The answer is definitely no! People in the yachting industry usually tend to describe a catamaran a boat with comfortable cabins, luxurious interior and exterior areas and lush overall environment. However, have you ever thought that the boat professionals usually compare catamarans to the sailing yachts? In general terms a gulet is of higher standards of any catamaran. Usually gulets offer cabins with private bathroom, spacious cabins with room for your personal belongings and cloths, toilets, showers and shower cubs. Air condition is usually a facility that gulets offer and as you go more on the luxury side you can find either jacuzzi s inside. As we move into the dining room, the sun deck and the living room, the comparison gets worse. The catamarans lack in space, room for sundecks and the overall dimensions create a sense of confinement compared to a gulet. Large sideways, platforms to reach the water and fully equipped kitchens make you feel that you charter a floating villa and not a boat.

Gulet Cruise                                                                                                                             

Is a gulet a much more expensive boat to charter ?

The answer is normally a gulet is slightly more expensive that to charter a catamaran, but that depends on the broker you use, on the type of gulet and on the destination you selected to sail. The added values that your holidays will gain from gulets outweigh definitely the slightly higher rates that might have from a catamaran and it goes without saying that if you are a group of 12 and more and wish to be all together in 1 boat, gulet is the only option to go for.

If you are interested to charter a gulet in Greece feel free to browse on our gulet fleet  and as we own the gulets, the rates you will receive will be best in the market. For any further info you can always email us : [email protected]

Can You Book A Private Gulet Charter?

Have you ever been to the Greek islands? Greece is one of the most beautiful and culturally and historically significant countries in the world. Ancient Greeks and their society have had a long-term impact on so many societies, as they influenced government systems, philosophy, the arts, and much more. Today, the country of Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, spectacular views, pristine beaches, and exciting nightlife.

There are many ways to visit Greece and many places to visit around the country, but some of the most unique and worthwhile are in the Ionian Islands. These islands are located in the Ionian Sea and sit to the west of the mainland. Because they are small islands, most of them can only be reached by boat. 

While some people visit on ferries, there are many downsides to following the crowd. Instead, one of the best ways to experience the Ionian Islands is to book a gulet charter. Read on to discover why a private gulet charter could be right for you. 


What Is A Gulet Charter?

Gulets are wooden sailing vessels that have been used for hundreds of years. These yachts have either two or three masts, but most only have two. Today, most gulets are streamlined and modern, and you can experience these exciting boats either with a gulet cruise or a private gulet charter.


What’s The Difference Between A Gulet Cruise And A Gulet Charter?

The main difference between a Greek gulet cruise and a Greek gulet yacht charter is the amount of privacy and independence you’ll have during the experience. Both of these options are a great way to see islands and towns like Mykonos and Zante, but you’ll get the most personalized and private experience if you book a gulet character instead of a cruise.

With a cruise on a gulet, you’ll share the experience with some other passengers. The exact number of people on board depends on the exact program you choose, as some ships in our fleet only have around four cabins while others have up to 16. You’ll still get your own ensuite cabin that allows you to have a good deal of privacy and store your belongings in a secure way.

However, you won’t have complete control over the itinerary. These cruises have a set structure and plan that is followed. While some adjustments might be made in extenuating circumstances, there generally won’t be many changes. So, while you will get to see many things you wouldn’t see in Greece any other way, you don’t get to decide how long the gulet remains in one port.

On the other hand, a yacht charter allows you to go wherever you want in the area and stay there as long as you want. We have a fleet of these yachts with bases in Athens, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and many more. You’ll start your trip at one of these locations and can pick the most convenient option, and then, you’ll set sail.


What About A Crew For My Private Charter? 

Yacht charters in Greece are exclusive and personalized, and the options for operating the yacht are also somewhat customizable. You can hire your own crew, as long as they are qualified. But, if you don’t have one available to you, it’s also easy to hire one of our local skippers. 

If you have any questions about booking a private character and everything that entails, you can reach out to the team at Sail in Greece today.


What Are The Options For Private Yacht Charters?

We provide customizable options for people looking to charter a yacht around the Greek islands. You can even get a last-minute character if needed. 

One of the best choices for many travelers is our private yacht experience

Whether you’ve visited many times or want to explore the Greek islands for the first time in a unique way, you can check out our private group options. For this package, you’ll get a yacht that suits your needs, as well as a Greek skipper who has experience sailing boats and navigating the islands. This option is ideal for people who don’t have any sailing experience, but experienced sailors will also enjoy the trip.

Some of the benefits of a private group character are that:

  • They are accommodating for families, couples, and small groups.
  • You get access to skilled skippers and a crew if needed.
  • These yachts allow you to choose how long your trip is, and you can make adjustments for where you want to go as you sail along.
  • You’ll be able to stop and swim in areas that aren’t accessible without a sailboat or yacht of some kind.

The experts at Sail in Greece can work with you to plan the Greek yacht charter of your dreams. So, we are always willing to discuss our various options and asses which would work best for you.


What If A Private Gulet Charter Is Inaccessible For Me?

A private yacht charter is a fantastic way to see places like Mykonos, Athens, and Zante island. However, these options are a bit pricier than some other ways to get around. So, if the idea of a yacht character appeals to you, but it’s not an option for you at this time, don’t fear. There are still many ways to see the Greek islands from a yacht. Sail in Greece provides many gulet cruises that let you see the sights in a semi-private environment. 

While you won’t’ get to customize everything you do, you’ll still be able to see and experience Greece in a one-in-a-million way.


Here’s How To Get Started

Whatever cruise or charter choice makes the most sense for you is available to book now. It’s easy to inquire online through our contact form. You can also book online today if you already know what you want. Sail in Greece wants all of your vacation wishes to happen, so send us a message at your convenience to get started.

Private Gulet Charter – Top 3 gulets choices for season 2021

Private Gulet Charter – Top 3 gulet choices for season 2021

Our preferred gulets for season 2021 that do not break your bank

On this blog you will find a list of our Top 3 gulets available for private charter that will not break your bank. It is commonly knows that gulets are generally larger boats that are able to accommodate bigger groups, offering spacious and comfortable environment to their guests. In Greece, if you have been searching to private charter a gulet, you might have been disappointed with the high rates available in the market. The higher rates in Greece are usually due to scarcity in gulets overall, as the less the gulets the more expensive the rates, but also the gulets are offered by brokers ( intermediaries) and not the actual gulet owners. Sail in Greece is the largest gulet owner in Greece and within this article you will find our top 3 gulets available for private charter in Greece.

No. 1 Gulet Hemera

Gulet Hemera is a 28 meters long gulet with 9 ensuite a/c cabins. She usually cruises around the Ionian sea, where you can start your gulet cruise from islands such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca or Lefkada. Among the many features gulet Hemera offers, is a fully protected exterior dining area, plasm TV screen in her interior, 24/7 dinghy service as well as wifi. Gulet Hemera offers water toys to her guests such as, SUP, kayak, snorkeling equipment as well as fishing equipment.

Charter price from 8.000 to 15.000 euros per week for a group of maximum 18 people

Gulet Cruise

No. 2 Gulet Aphrodite

Gulet Aphrodite is a 26 meters long gulet with 7 ensuite a/c cabins, was built on 2018 which makes her the newest on our fleet. She usually cruises around the North Ionian sea, where you can start your gulet cruise from islands such as Corfu, Paxoi, Preveza or Lefkada. Among the many features gulet Aphrodite offers, is afully protected exterior dining area, comfortable sunbeds, plasm TV screen in her interior, 24/7 dinghy service as well as wifi. Gulet Aphrodite offers water toys to her guests such as, SUP, kayak, snorkeling equipment as well as fishing equipment.

Charter price from 7.000 to 14.000 euros per week for a group of maximum 20 people

Gulet Aphrodite

No. 3 Gulet Artemis 

Gulet Artemis is a 35 meters long gulet with 16 ensuite a/c cabins, was built on 2000 and has been refitted on year 2019. She usually cruises around the Aegean sea, where you can start your gulet cruise from islands such as Mykonos, Paros, Naxos or Athens to name but a few. Among the many features gulet Artemis offers, is a fully protected exterior dining area, comfortable sunbeds, plasm TV screen in her interior, 24/7 dinghy service as well as wifi. Gulet Artemis offers water toys to her guests such as, SUP, kayak, snorkelling equipment as well as fishing equipment. We suggest gulet Artemis for large groups that are looking to cruise all in one gulet.

Charter price from 9.000 to 21.000 euros per week for a group of maximum 46 people

Gulet Artemis

If none of our Top 3 Greek gulets available for private charter are a good match for you, you can browse our entire fully owned fleet of gulets here  Our Greek gulet specialists are available also either by email [email protected] or by phone + 30 2112152595 to understand your needs and plan a memorable private gulet charter.

If you are travelling solo or 2 and can not charter an entire gulet just for your group, you can always browse our scheduled gulet cruises.

Small Ship Cruises

Greek Small Ship Cruises

We all are aware of cruises as a travel type, but what actually a small cruise ship holidays are? There is a definite joy to be had from enjoying cruises on small ships and gulets. First of all, not only do they gain from being quieter tours, but thanks to the size of our smaller boats, we are able to moor up close to the local communities, such as local bars and cafes and bring you closer to the coastal villages and city vibes. Have you ever waken up at a private secluded bay where the only thing you can see is the sky and crystal clear blue waters? Have you ever slept under the stars with the summer breeze disarrange your hair? This is a unique experience you will feel during a small ship cruise. There will be nights that we sleep anchored at a bay, far away from the civilization and the dazzling lights and are these times that you get close to nature, you feel alive!

Small Ship Cruise


Why the experience is different from a large scale cruise?

A cruise allows you to experience a diversity of destinations without the hard part of mainland travel. The main downside on most large scale cruises, however, especially during these challenging covid times, is that you will be on board with thousands other people and creates you that “part of a herd” feeling. It goes without saying that being part of such a large group, you can not expect the crew to be 24/7 there for you and all your detailed needs.

Small Ship Cruises

That’s where a small ship cruise joins and makes the world happier!. During our carefully selected small ship cruises, you get all the benefits of a cruise, without the large scale groups of people. You can be safe knowing that our boats can dock in far smaller Greek charming destinations and that you’ll travel with a small-sized group of like-minded international travelers who want to explore the place in the exact same thoughtful way. Not to mention that our crew on board will pay attention to every single detail of your personal needs, such birthday party, local souvenir gift, the local preferred wine you just find on the next grocery store. If you are also in favor of responsible travel, it goes without saying that It’s much more environmentally-friendly than massive cruise ships in multiple ways. Whether you want to cruise the Northern Ionian islands, such as Corfu, Paxoi, Antipacoi or explore the dazzling blues of Zakynthos and Kefalonia for a totally different cruising experience, we have the rights small-ship cruise to suit your needs. Our small ship cruises are ideal for couples looking to relax, groups of friends that wish to join an active cruise with magnificent destinations on the way or the beach bummers.

View here all of our small ship cruise holidays!

Greek Cruise Packages

Greek Cruise Packages

Is Greece within your travel radar and you are looking to find the best Greek island cruises packages? Greece is a country with a diverse breathtaking landscape and a wide variety of jaw-dropping islands to feed your appetite. Where to start from?  Athens and the Acropolis at sunset, a worldwide historical landmark. The beautiful Greek Cycladic islands, Paros, Santorini, Naxos and the neighboring UNESCO-protected archaeological island of Delos.


Which destinations to select from Greece and what they have to offer?

The Ionian islands, the group of islands scattered between Italy and Greece known for their breathtaking bays and calm waters for cruising. The crystal blue waters of the island of Zakynthos & Paxoi, a hidden gem of the Ionian Sea. The Mainland Greece with Parga and Sivota historical gem treasures. Hydra, a glamorous island with her cozy harbor, closed off to automobile traffic. Each day you will explore a different port of call, a hidden gem with turquoise waters to seduce you, a glimpse of Greek mythology to amaze you and enormous cultural variety to indulge you.

There are so many different destinations to visit in Greece and it goes without saying that a cruise is the best way to explore them. A cruise is by far the perfect way to taste the beauties of Greece, allowing you to hop from island to island without having to worry about ferry timetables and hotel bookings. Not all Greek island cruise packages are created equal, however. Famous islands such as Corfu and Zakynthos feature on the routes of all the main Greek cruise packages, and although they undeniably have their charms, they can be overrun with day-cruisers during the summer high season. A small ship cruise, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity you to explore the smaller, less-busy islands that the big boats can’t reach, destinations where you’ll have picture-perfect beaches and brilliant ruins almost to yourself. In addition to, having the privilege to have your very own private boat, it gives you the flexibility to explore the Greek islands at your own pace, without having to rush between places. On board you will always find our experienced local crew that will give you the best guidance on places to visit, local dishes that worth trying and every important little detail that will offer you the “local living” experience that we bribe about to offer freely to our guests. If you are looking for an authentic experience, a week that you will be given the opportunity to wake up in the mornings in astonishing blue coves, during midday tasting delicious Greek cuisine made right next to you by your on board chefs and early afternoon the joy to met and greet with locals, search no more. Wine tasting excursions, beach yoga classes, bus tour led by professional local guides, are just a glimpse of what you will experience on board a Sail in Greece cruise.


The summer season usually operates from May to October, with July and August being the busiest (and warmest) time to visit. On a Greek cruise package visiting the smaller islands, such as Meganissi, Antipaxoi or Kastos, you’ll almost always be tendered ashore,

Greek Cruise Packages

and each island has its own charm, whether you’re interested in history, cuisine, bays, local myths, nature or all of the above. Our guests are often amazed to find out that the number of Greek island cruise packages on sale each summer is quite in scarcity, so it pays off to book early. Last but not least, we always offer early bird discount to our guests and as our cruises sell out early, you will be able to select the date that words perfect for your travel holidays.

Experience our Greek island cruises packages here!

If you need any further info you can always email us : [email protected]

Sail Greece vs Sail Croatia

Sail Greece vs Sail Croatia

Every year summer brings to my mind three specific things: the sea, the sun and some good relaxation time. But it also creates a new additional concern: where to spend the summer holidays this year?
By sailing on a yacht, I can easily get the first three things. So all that remains for me now is to find an answer to this last but still great summer problem.
In fact, the answer is much easier than you can imagine. If you asked me to choose between Sail Greece versus Sail Croatia,

I would directly choose the first one and I think the reasons are somehow obvious:

First of all, there is no other place in Europe that is known for its azure waters. The Ionian and the Aegean Sea are famous for their unrivaled beauty, the heavenly hues and the clean waters. Moreover, the breathtaking view to the islands is something that is difficult to forget. Instead, the landscapes in Croatia are totally conventional. This means that the Adriatic Sea is no way comparable with the dreamy waters of Greece. In short, Sail Greece is the perfect setting to live magical holidays.
Greece can also offer high quality holidays to the visitors. In particular, it is the ultimate gastronomic destination with Mediterranean flavors which will satisfy you to the utmost. Famous Greek recipes will certainly be available to be tasted aboard during the breakfast and the lunch menus, which are usually designed by famous Greek chefs. Greek food is delicious and light simultaneously, an ideal combination especially for the summer months. Does sailing in Croatia offer all these gastronomic treasures? I do not think so…
In addition, I would definitely choose to Sail Greece for the Architecture landscape. As the ship arrives to the Greek islands, beautiful white washed houses with blue roofs begin to appear on the horizon. This landscape is truly unique and remains etched in the memory of every visitor.

In conclusion, I left the most important thing. The key word for the perfect vacation is FUN. Nothing compares to the endless summer parties in Greece. I am already dreaming of the delicious cocktails on board, the fine Greek wine, the beautiful people and the dance at the beach parties. New acquaintances and high entertainment until the morning are promised!

For all these reasons, therefore, I know now where exactly I want to sail this summer. Sail Greece is like get to know a new magical world and this is an experience that I don’t want to lose.

Join Sail in Greece cruises, Greece’s #1 gulet cruises that Sail in Greece has to offer and explore Greece like never before!

Interested for private charter? Check here our gulet fleet

For more info :


Is Greece the next Gulet Charter capital ?

Is Greece the next Gulet Charter capital?

It is a true story that for the last decades Turkey has been the only destination where clients looking to experience their gulet charter holidays traveled to. Turkey has been the birth place of gulets as the main destination where gulets were being built and with a rich coastline people used to enjoy there gulet holidays.

Gulet Cruise


But has these changed over the past years?

The answer is simply yes it has! People over the last years started to look for alterative destinations to charter a gulet, as travelling on the same destination started becoming boring and dull. This is the moment where Greece slowly slowly started to be on the spotlight due to its reach coastline, the numerous Greek islands and the breathtaking scenery. Traditional Greek villages, rich archeological history, welcoming locals and most of all pristine bays and coves, made Greece the place to be when you charter a gulet. With multiple destinations within Greece, due to its diverse geographical areas, you have a vast number of alternative cruising areas to choose from. Starting from the west side, where Ionian islands are scattered with their calm waters, green landscapes and vibrant villages, moving forward to Athens area around Saronic gulf, or going up to Sporades with Skiathos and the rest mama-mia islands. it is just a matter of personal preference to decide. You can consult directly Sail in Greece team via email with your personal preference and we will revert to you with the best proposal for you, email : [email protected]

Gulet Charter

What gulets are available to charter in Greece?

There are plenty of gulets to charter in Greece, as in the past years more and more gulets tend to decide to do business within Greek waters. So if you have found an agency that informs you for the lack of available gulets in Greece, please do look elsewhere. Sail in Greece is the largest gulet owner in Greece, with a fully owned fleet of 7 gulets currently, that can carry from small groups of 4/6 people up to 46 all in one gulet. We have multiple gulet standards that will fit perfect your gulet charter needs and as we own the gulets and we are not an agency, best price will be warranted for you. Our team will make sure that all your personal interests will be met before, during and after your gulet cruise. Browse our gulet fleet here

Gulet Charter Aphrodite

When is the best time to charter a gulet in Greece ?

Technically, there is no good and bad time to gulet charter in Greece, but it is mainly based on what are you looking from your gulet holidays. Very vaguely we can say that months of April, May, October are mainly quote months, so if you are looking to cruise in places and be able to explore avoiding the crowds, it is advisable to charter a gulet during these months. June and September are warm months with constant sunshine, people around the islands and villages, without them being overcrowded. July and August are the high season months, where the temperature usually vary between 30-35 degrees and most of the Greek islands are packed with people. Of course you can always find quite places to visit than other, but do not expect to be alone!

To sum up, Greece is the best gulet charter destination, with a vast variety of Greek islands to visit, friendly and welcoming people, multiple gulets to choose from well priced and most of all, a NEW destination to explore other than the old-school destinations from the past. Last but not least, if you are not able to charter an entire gulet, we operate from May till October our gulet cruises with warranted departures. See our shared gulet cruises here

Clients profile on our gulet cruises

Who is a typical client on board our gulet cruises?

Sail in Greece is the largest gulet cruise operator in Greece with a fully owned fleet of 7 wooden gulets. We offer our gulets for private charter requests to families, group of friends or special occasions such as weddings and at the same type we operate our scheduled cabin charter cruises for all ages. The customers that usually book our gulets as private usually differ from the ones that join our gulet cruises with warranted departures. In the article below we will mention all kind of guests that do trust our travel brand for their gulet holidays in Greece, the ones choose to privatize our gulets and the ones joining our cabin charters.

Gulet Charter

Private Gulet Charter clients. Who are they?

First of all, the clients that normally decide to privatize one of our gulets are either large families looking to cruise together in one boat varying from 8 to 35 people, or corporate clients that for instance gather together all their team staff and as part of their team building events all go gulet cruising in Greece. Furthermore, We do have group of friends that might be living all over the world and wish to share the same experience on board or organise a wedding or birthday cruise to celebrate a special occasion. NO matter what the client is of what is their purpose of the cruise, we as a team work closely with the client to understand his needs and then curate in detail his perfect gulet cruise. If you wish to privatize on of our gulets check our gulet fleet

Gulet Charter

Cabin Charter on our scheduled cruises. Good fit for me?

We operate every year from May till October with weekly warranted departures our 7 day gulet cruises that cater for all ages. Our main client that joins our cabin charter operations is a couple or 2 couples, a small group of friends or solo travelers that are not able to charter a gulet as a whole or even if they can they are looking to socialize and mingle with other travelers on board. Regarding the age of our clients we have designed different cruises that cater for different age groups and interests. We offer young and fun cruises for our younger audience normally from Mykonos ( the party capital) or Athens and our cruises ideal for sightseeing and relaxation for our older audience 40+ which usually depart from Corfu and Zakynthos. If you are unsure which gulet cruise to join you can simply email our customer support team and will guide you what is the best fit for you. You can find all of our gulet cruises here.

Gulet Holidays

What nationalities join our cruises

We can initially state that we have travelers from all over the world, spreading from Australia to the closest country to us Italy. If we had to share with you the majority of our guests where they come from we would say United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Australian. New Zealand, USA and Canada. But we also have guests in board from Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Mexino, Argentina and Israel. For all of our Italian speaking clients we have a dedicated Italian web site ( For our Spanish clients we have a Spanish one ( For our French we have as well ( and of course the same applies for our German too ( We have as well a dedicated web site for our British customers,

To sum up, if you are confused as to which choice is best for you, either our private charter gulet charter or our shared cabin charter you can always email our customer support team and will revert to you as soon as possible with the best choice for you. Email : [email protected] or phone + 30 2112152595 ( GR) or + 44 203 239 9253 ( UK).