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Why is a Gulet Cruise Better than a Traditional Cruise?

Why is a Gulet Cruise Better Than a Traditional Cruise?

Taking a European cruise sounds like a dream to many people, but what if there was a way to make your experience even more unique? Now you have the opportunity to set sail around one of the various oceans and seas that encompass 227 different islands surrounding Greece.

While you may be thinking of a traditional cruise aboard a massive ship, there are options available known as gulet charter cruises that provide a completely different vacation than you may have envisioned.

What exactly is a gulet charter and why is it better than taking a traditional cruise? Let’s take a look at what the main differences are and why you should consider taking a gulet cruise for your upcoming trip to Greece.

What Is a Gulet Charter?

The word gulet is derived from the French “golette.” However, there is also some debate as to whether or not the word originated instead from the Turkish name “gulet” or from the Italian word “goletta.”

It is a traditional two or three-masted wooden sailing vessel that’s design originated from southwest Turkey. When you imagine a gulet, you probably think of a traditional sailboat; however, these are significantly larger.


You’ll find several of these types all along the Mediterranean that range in different sizes, some as big as Sail In Greece’s Gulet Artemis that has sixteen cabins and can accommodate up to forty-six passengers. The intricacies in the construction of these ships go as far back in time as the 18th century for purposes of war. Gulets have since been transformed to cater to the world of tourism and luxury cruises for people to experience throughout this European sea.

Benefits of a Gulet Charter Cruise


There are dozens of benefits in choosing to take a gulet charter cruise along the Mediterranean rather than a traditional cruise. From cost and size to making the most of your time, you won’t even think twice after reading this about whether or not to choose a gulet charter cruise.


Traditional Cruises Have Too Many People


Traditional cruise ships tend to be extremely large, carrying upwards of three to six thousand passengers. This means you are sharing the same space with thousands of people for multiple days at a time. Too many people tend to be one of the biggest complaints by traditional cruise attendings.


It means there is a lot of waiting time between boarding and deboarding at your designated locations. There may also be significant wait times for buffet breakfast, lines at the bar, seats at restaurants, and even booked-out showtimes.

On a gulet charter cruise, you can expect to be sharing the space with no more than forty-five other passengers. You can also create a more intimate setting where you can select to be on board a charter gulet that carries no more than twenty-five passengers total. You’ll find lots of opportunities for privacy, tranquility, and relaxation.


Traditional Cruises Won’t Give You You a Personalised Experience


One of the downsides of taking a traditional cruise aboard a large ship is that you won’t have much time to explore or take part in excursions throughout the destinations you visit. While yes, you do get a chance to potentially stop at multiple islands or countries throughout your cruise, with as many people as there are, it’s not feasible to be able to accommodate a full experience while needing to also wait in line to reboard the ship.


With there being so many people, this also means that your destinations will be mostly in destinations with high tourism. If you want a more personalised experience, gulet charter cruises give you ample opportunities to explore multiple islands with the perfect blend of private and more secluded nature, beaches, heritage, history, and even on-deck sea-view unwinding.


Besides, you certainly wouldn’t be able to jump off the side of a cruise ship for some afternoon swimming like you could on your unique experience aboard the Zante Cruise!

Traditional Cruises Aren’t That Unique of an Experience


If you have never been on a cruise ship before and are considering taking a cruise to Greece for your next vacation, you may want to rethink it. Because most of your time is spent on the ship rather than at your destinations, you will find yourself doing things aboard the ship you could do right within your own city.


For instance, some cruises have some of the more popular restaurants onboard such as Johnny Rockets, or even some very basic options for their buffets that aren’t really anything special. And if you do decide to eat at one of the finer restaurants onboard, you’ll be spending a substantial amount of money and may not have the privacy or intimacy of a meal that you may like. You might have to share a large table with a group of people or have to wait in line even though you already had a reservation.


Or perhaps your cruise ship may offer their passengers time to spend at the casino. But why would you want to pay all of that money for a vacation when you are sitting inside a dark casino gambling away your money all night?

With a Greek gulet charter cruise, you will be guaranteed to have an experience like no other. Because the islands are relatively close, you will have less time on the boat and more time to spend at each of your destinations – meaning unique, one-of-a-kind experiences on each of the islands you visit.


Don’t worry; if you want to spend more time on the gulet than walking around, there are options for you to spend more time relaxing on the boat. But you won’t be bombarded with casino incentives or shows to watch onboard the ship. You’ll spend more time soaking up the sun on the top deck, relaxing in luxury instead.


At the end of the day, taking a gulet charter cruise around the Greek Islands is a more unique and memorable experience beyond any traditional type of cruise you may take. If you are ready to jump aboard, talk to one of the specialists with Sail In Greece and book your cruise today!


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