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Is Greece the next Gulet Charter capital ?

Is Greece the next Gulet Charter capital?

It is a true story that for the last decades Turkey has been the only destination where clients looking to experience their gulet charter holidays traveled to. Turkey has been the birth place of gulets as the main destination where gulets were being built and with a rich coastline people used to enjoy there gulet holidays.

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But has these changed over the past years?

The answer is simply yes it has! People over the last years started to look for alterative destinations to charter a gulet, as travelling on the same destination started becoming boring and dull. This is the moment where Greece slowly slowly started to be on the spotlight due to its reach coastline, the numerous Greek islands and the breathtaking scenery. Traditional Greek villages, rich archeological history, welcoming locals and most of all pristine bays and coves, made Greece the place to be when you charter a gulet. With multiple destinations within Greece, due to its diverse geographical areas, you have a vast number of alternative cruising areas to choose from. Starting from the west side, where Ionian islands are scattered with their calm waters, green landscapes and vibrant villages, moving forward to Athens area around Saronic gulf, or going up to Sporades with Skiathos and the rest mama-mia islands. it is just a matter of personal preference to decide. You can consult directly Sail in Greece team via email with your personal preference and we will revert to you with the best proposal for you, email : [email protected]

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What gulets are available to charter in Greece?

There are plenty of gulets to charter in Greece, as in the past years more and more gulets tend to decide to do business within Greek waters. So if you have found an agency that informs you for the lack of available gulets in Greece, please do look elsewhere. Sail in Greece is the largest gulet owner in Greece, with a fully owned fleet of 7 gulets currently, that can carry from small groups of 4/6 people up to 46 all in one gulet. We have multiple gulet standards that will fit perfect your gulet charter needs and as we own the gulets and we are not an agency, best price will be warranted for you. Our team will make sure that all your personal interests will be met before, during and after your gulet cruise. Browse our gulet fleet here

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When is the best time to charter a gulet in Greece ?

Technically, there is no good and bad time to gulet charter in Greece, but it is mainly based on what are you looking from your gulet holidays. Very vaguely we can say that months of April, May, October are mainly quote months, so if you are looking to cruise in places and be able to explore avoiding the crowds, it is advisable to charter a gulet during these months. June and September are warm months with constant sunshine, people around the islands and villages, without them being overcrowded. July and August are the high season months, where the temperature usually vary between 30-35 degrees and most of the Greek islands are packed with people. Of course you can always find quite places to visit than other, but do not expect to be alone!

To sum up, Greece is the best gulet charter destination, with a vast variety of Greek islands to visit, friendly and welcoming people, multiple gulets to choose from well priced and most of all, a NEW destination to explore other than the old-school destinations from the past. Last but not least, if you are not able to charter an entire gulet, we operate from May till October our gulet cruises with warranted departures. See our shared gulet cruises here

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