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Gay Cruises in Greece

Gay Cruises in Greece

Going on a cruise is one of the most fun and relaxing holidays you can ever do. On a gay cruise, the whole boat is full of LGBT guests and all crew has been properly trained to offer you with a warm and gay-friendly experience. It’s a very open-minded environment to be and one where you can have fun and relax both mentally and physically. The place is friendly with a nice atmosphere and there are great games onboard. Of course, with such a nice surroundings on board, we should mention that it is breathtaking to island hop around the spectacular Greek islands with your private yacht. There will be days that you will wake up nude, anchored at a private secluded bay and there will be no sign of civilization around. You can select one of our small ships for a more intimate feeling. An experience where you board a ship and meet new people and at the end of your gay cruise, you will be with a group of new friends that have shared together a great experience, an experience that will last forever.

Gay Cruise

Is a Gay Cruise the thing to do?

First, you will need to see whether joining a cruise, in general, is something you would like to do. Not everyone likes sailing due to the nature of the experience, being at sea most of the time, but a great number of people actually do. Second of all if taking a cruise surely is at your interest, next you’ll need to see if you want a gay cruise or a normal ordinary cruise. But what are the main differences on a gay cruise versus an ordinary one?

Here are a few bullet points to help you do so:

  • Your private ensuite cabin, on board meals and entertainment are included usually in the price ( not always the case)
  • The ship will be exclusively chartered by LGBT guests.
  • Gay cruises can be a little bit pricy than ordinary ones due to the prearranged parties and unique feeing onboard

With Sail in Greece you have the option to join which ever works best for you. Hence, there is no need to puzzle that much!

Gay Cruises

How to Book a Gay Cruise?

First of all if you are a group of gay friends and you wish to charter your own yacht you can simply email us with your travel details and our team will be able to quote you with 1 business day. Please email us here : Here you can find our fleet : Sail in Greece gulet fleet

If you are just 2 or about people and not able to privately charter one of our whole yachts, we do work with few trusted gay cruise tour operators who charter our yachts for their cruises and specialize only on gay cruises. Their cruises are on selected departure dates on multiple different Greek destinations. You simply email us and then we will be able to check with them availability and rates and inform you for all your options. For cabin charters on scheduled cruises with our trusted tour operators please email us :


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