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Clients profile on our gulet cruises

Who is a typical client on board our gulet cruises?

Sail in Greece is the largest gulet cruise operator in Greece with a fully owned fleet of 7 wooden gulets. We offer our gulets for private charter requests to families, group of friends or special occasions such as weddings and at the same type we operate our scheduled cabin charter cruises for all ages. The customers that usually book our gulets as private usually differ from the ones that join our gulet cruises with warranted departures. In the article below we will mention all kind of guests that do trust our travel brand for their gulet holidays in Greece, the ones choose to privatize our gulets and the ones joining our cabin charters.

Gulet Charter

Private Gulet Charter clients. Who are they?

First of all, the clients that normally decide to privatize one of our gulets are either large families looking to cruise together in one boat varying from 8 to 35 people, or corporate clients that for instance gather together all their team staff and as part of their team building events all go gulet cruising in Greece. Furthermore, We do have group of friends that might be living all over the world and wish to share the same experience on board or organise a wedding or birthday cruise to celebrate a special occasion. NO matter what the client is of what is their purpose of the cruise, we as a team work closely with the client to understand his needs and then curate in detail his perfect gulet cruise. If you wish to privatize on of our gulets check our gulet fleet

Gulet Charter

Cabin Charter on our scheduled cruises. Good fit for me?

We operate every year from May till October with weekly warranted departures our 7 day gulet cruises that cater for all ages. Our main client that joins our cabin charter operations is a couple or 2 couples, a small group of friends or solo travelers that are not able to charter a gulet as a whole or even if they can they are looking to socialize and mingle with other travelers on board. Regarding the age of our clients we have designed different cruises that cater for different age groups and interests. We offer young and fun cruises for our younger audience normally from Mykonos ( the party capital) or Athens and our cruises ideal for sightseeing and relaxation for our older audience 40+ which usually depart from Corfu and Zakynthos. If you are unsure which gulet cruise to join you can simply email our customer support team and will guide you what is the best fit for you. You can find all of our gulet cruises here.

Gulet Holidays

What nationalities join our cruises

We can initially state that we have travelers from all over the world, spreading from Australia to the closest country to us Italy. If we had to share with you the majority of our guests where they come from we would say United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Australian. New Zealand, USA and Canada. But we also have guests in board from Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Mexino, Argentina and Israel. For all of our Italian speaking clients we have a dedicated Italian web site ( For our Spanish clients we have a Spanish one ( For our French we have as well ( and of course the same applies for our German too ( We have as well a dedicated web site for our British customers,

To sum up, if you are confused as to which choice is best for you, either our private charter gulet charter or our shared cabin charter you can always email our customer support team and will revert to you as soon as possible with the best choice for you. Email : or phone + 30 2112152595 ( GR) or + 44 203 239 9253 ( UK).

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