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Can You Book A Private Gulet Charter?

Have you ever been to the Greek islands? Greece is one of the most beautiful and culturally and historically significant countries in the world. Ancient Greeks and their society have had a long-term impact on so many societies, as they influenced government systems, philosophy, the arts, and much more. Today, the country of Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, spectacular views, pristine beaches, and exciting nightlife.

There are many ways to visit Greece and many places to visit around the country, but some of the most unique and worthwhile are in the Ionian Islands. These islands are located in the Ionian Sea and sit to the west of the mainland. Because they are small islands, most of them can only be reached by boat. 

While some people visit on ferries, there are many downsides to following the crowd. Instead, one of the best ways to experience the Ionian Islands is to book a gulet charter. Read on to discover why a private gulet charter could be right for you. 


What Is A Gulet Charter?

Gulets are wooden sailing vessels that have been used for hundreds of years. These yachts have either two or three masts, but most only have two. Today, most gulets are streamlined and modern, and you can experience these exciting boats either with a gulet cruise or a private gulet charter.


What’s The Difference Between A Gulet Cruise And A Gulet Charter?

The main difference between a Greek gulet cruise and a Greek gulet yacht charter is the amount of privacy and independence you’ll have during the experience. Both of these options are a great way to see islands and towns like Mykonos and Zante, but you’ll get the most personalized and private experience if you book a gulet character instead of a cruise.

With a cruise on a gulet, you’ll share the experience with some other passengers. The exact number of people on board depends on the exact program you choose, as some ships in our fleet only have around four cabins while others have up to 16. You’ll still get your own ensuite cabin that allows you to have a good deal of privacy and store your belongings in a secure way.

However, you won’t have complete control over the itinerary. These cruises have a set structure and plan that is followed. While some adjustments might be made in extenuating circumstances, there generally won’t be many changes. So, while you will get to see many things you wouldn’t see in Greece any other way, you don’t get to decide how long the gulet remains in one port.

On the other hand, a yacht charter allows you to go wherever you want in the area and stay there as long as you want. We have a fleet of these yachts with bases in Athens, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and many more. You’ll start your trip at one of these locations and can pick the most convenient option, and then, you’ll set sail.


What About A Crew For My Private Charter? 

Yacht charters in Greece are exclusive and personalized, and the options for operating the yacht are also somewhat customizable. You can hire your own crew, as long as they are qualified. But, if you don’t have one available to you, it’s also easy to hire one of our local skippers. 

If you have any questions about booking a private character and everything that entails, you can reach out to the team at Sail in Greece today.


What Are The Options For Private Yacht Charters?

We provide customizable options for people looking to charter a yacht around the Greek islands. You can even get a last-minute character if needed. 

One of the best choices for many travelers is our private yacht experience

Whether you’ve visited many times or want to explore the Greek islands for the first time in a unique way, you can check out our private group options. For this package, you’ll get a yacht that suits your needs, as well as a Greek skipper who has experience sailing boats and navigating the islands. This option is ideal for people who don’t have any sailing experience, but experienced sailors will also enjoy the trip.

Some of the benefits of a private group character are that:

  • They are accommodating for families, couples, and small groups.
  • You get access to skilled skippers and a crew if needed.
  • These yachts allow you to choose how long your trip is, and you can make adjustments for where you want to go as you sail along.
  • You’ll be able to stop and swim in areas that aren’t accessible without a sailboat or yacht of some kind.

The experts at Sail in Greece can work with you to plan the Greek yacht charter of your dreams. So, we are always willing to discuss our various options and asses which would work best for you.


What If A Private Gulet Charter Is Inaccessible For Me?

A private yacht charter is a fantastic way to see places like Mykonos, Athens, and Zante island. However, these options are a bit pricier than some other ways to get around. So, if the idea of a yacht character appeals to you, but it’s not an option for you at this time, don’t fear. There are still many ways to see the Greek islands from a yacht. Sail in Greece provides many gulet cruises that let you see the sights in a semi-private environment. 

While you won’t’ get to customize everything you do, you’ll still be able to see and experience Greece in a one-in-a-million way.


Here’s How To Get Started

Whatever cruise or charter choice makes the most sense for you is available to book now. It’s easy to inquire online through our contact form. You can also book online today if you already know what you want. Sail in Greece wants all of your vacation wishes to happen, so send us a message at your convenience to get started.


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