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8 Reasons To Vacation On A Gulet Cruise

You’ve heard of a cruise before, but what about a gulet cruise? These unique experiences provide an adventure you’ll never forget on a stunning wooden yacht. While this might not sound extravagant, these cruises are exceptionally luxurious and allow you to see Greece in an entirely new light. 

But, if you’ve never heard of a gulet or a gulet cruise, you might want a few questions answered first. A gulet is a type of yacht created in the classic wooden style. Most of these boats have around 4 to 16 cabins, so they are ideal if you want either a private or semi-private vacation. When you think about a cruise, you probably first imagine large ships that carry hundreds to thousands of people, but a Greek gulet cruise is different as the boat is smaller and sleeker. 

Gulet cruises are most common in Greece and nearby countries, and if you want the best gulet experience, you should consider taking a holiday around the islands that Greece has to offer. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see Greece, here are eight reasons to take a vacation on a gulet in Greece. 


1. A gulet cruise is smaller and more intimate

While some gulet cruises in the Mediterranean are more focused on parties and others are more about relaxing and sightseeing, all of our options cater to smaller groups of people. Even the largest options in our fleet only have 16 cabins, so you won’t have to deal with large crowds. 

While more traditional courses you think of might be fun, you’ll spend most of your time managing crowds instead of enjoying the sights and activities. With us, you can pick the gulet cruise you’ll love. 


2. You’ll get to experience more of your destination

Most people wouldn’t pass up the chance to explore the Greek islands. But, while there are various ways to experience the area, gulet cruises are one of the best options. The boat is small enough that you’ll be able to see all around. You won’t spend most of your time inside of a large ship. These cruises are designed to allow you great vistas of whatever island or islands you choose to explore.


3. Gulet cruises fit any vacation style

Some people want to live it up while on vacation, and if you’re one of these people, what could be better than partying on a boat in Greece? But, if a calmer vibe is more your speed, we also provide more relaxed gulet options. We cater to all ages.

If you love excitement, a Mykonos or Harmony cruise is best. But, if you’re looking to sit back and sightsee, Ionian and Zante cruises are a great choice. And, don’t forget that all of these cruises provide you with delicious onboard menu options.


4. You can experience Greece without constant packing

Whether you’ve been to Greece before or if you’re planning your first trip, gulet cruises are perfect because you get to be in your own private cabin. Instead of dealing with moving from place to place in a car or plane, you’ll have your personal area where you can keep your suitcases stored and safe. While you do have to travel to get to the launch point, you’re completely set and ready to have the vacation of your dreams once you’re on board.


5. You can experience Greece while avoiding the crowds

If you plan to see somewhere like Mykonos and aren’t on a private or semi-private gulet, you’ll have to deal with public ferries that are crowded and sometimes frustrating. Booking your spot on gulet is the best way to avoid excessive crowds and long waits. You’ll get more direct access to the ports on the islands you visit. Not having to stress about getting on and off each island will reduce stress for your trip and allow you to enjoy things more.


6. You’ll be able to see things other people can’t

Greece has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. These islands are known for the blue waters and ancient towns that you just can’t experience anywhere else. But, you’ll get even more exclusive access if you’re on a gulet. There are many areas such as coves and bays that you can only get to on a boat. You’ll discover alcoves and picturesque ocean views that you’ll never forget. 


7. Gulet cruises are available to many islands

At Sail in Greece, we offer gulet cruises around Mykonos, the Ionian Islands, and Zante. Many options also stop in well-known Greek cities such as Athens, so you can see various areas throughout your time with us. We provide four main cruise options, and they each have a unique itinerary and route they follow. Each cruise allows you to enjoy sightseeing around historical areas, on-deck views, and more. But, they all offer something unique, so it’s best to do a bit of research to decide which one is best for you and others traveling with you.


8. You can book a private charter

While gulet cruises are already pretty exclusive and private, you can have a truly individual experience through private character options. Our yacht charters allow people complete freedom to explore whatever they want to see around the Greek islands. You also can hire your own crew or go with our local skippers. Private charters are ideal for travelers who want their own personalized experience. You’ll be able to stay as long as you want in one place or go the opposite route and see as many places as possible. 


What Are You Waiting For? Book A Gulet Greek Cruise Today! 

Island hopping around Greece is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t replicate anywhere else. With Sail in Greece, you’ll be able to customize your vacation based on what you love to do.

With us, you can trust you’ll experience a luxurious gulet that makes sailing around the sea comfortable and exciting at the same time!

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