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5 Reasons Greece is the New Yacht Party Capital

5 Reasons Greece is the New Yacht Party Capital


In the past few years, travelers have been flocking to the Balkans to take cruises exploring the stunning Mediterranean coastline while partying on board with their friends!

If you haven’t taken a yacht party trip yet, it’s about time you start planning one. As for the country you should pick for your yacht party destination?

Greece! It’s a no-brainer, and here’s why.

1) Greece has a HUGE amount of islands to explore

Greece has 227 inhabited islands, each more beautiful and welcoming than the last. Plenty of the islands are equally well known for their crystal clear waters as they are for their all-night partying, so what are you waiting for? You won’t find such a huge number of island destinations anywhere else in the Mediterranean except Greece.

2) Greece already has some of the best nightlife in the world

How many places in the world are home to bars that frequently stay open until 6 or 7 AM in the summer months, and clubs that keep going well past when the sun comes up? This isn’t just the case on the party island of Mykonos – you will find plenty of islands in Greece with beach bars serving up drinks all day and clubs playing music all night.

3) Greece has incredible beaches and waters

When you’re warming up from the hot summer sun and want to cool down, just take the plunge into the beautiful Greek water! The refreshing Aegean and Ionian seas are cool, blue, and clear – just what you want in a summer swim. You can often see all the way down, even at a depth of 30 meters, so there’s no reason to fear the deep here!

4) Greece is known for its hospitality

In order to have an unforgettable experience on a yacht, you want to feel a great warm welcome when you board. Greece is world-renowned for its amazing hospitality – everyone from the captain on board to the bartenders and locals in the ports you visit will help show you a good time and live the local island life.

5) Greeks know all about having a great time (kaloperasi)

Few people enjoy daily life like the Greeks. Whether they’re catching up with friends for hours in cafes (kafeteries), eating a big meal with family at a local taverna, or dancing all night until dawn (ximeromata), they do everything with enthusiasm while surrounded by friends and family. So come party in Greece and catch the local vibe!

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