1. Thira


Thira is the main town of the island where all the action is. Walk around the slated allies, take glances from the cliff edges and get inspired from the island’s unique atmosphere. Tip of the day: Drink your coffee in one of the cafes which are located on Thira’s cliffs.

2. Explore Oia

Village of Oia on Santorini island with Therasia island in the background, Greece.

Oia is the northern city of the island worldwide famous as the best point to watch the sunset. In the summer thousands of tourists grab their drinks and sit waiting for the sun to set. There is a connected “path” between Oia and Thira ideal for hiking.

3. Volcano and Hot Springs

Vulcano landscape on island Santorini Greece

Opposite from Santorini you can find the Volcano (known and as “kameni”) from where all started. Due to volcano eruption that happened many years ago Santorini has red and black stones everywhere. Next to the volcano the hot springs can be found.

4. Santo winery


Santorini produces famous wines due to the quality of their local grapes. Take a tour at the Santo winery, be privileged to sample the different varieties and buy your own bottle as a souvenir. Don’t overdo it as the Santo wines are “sneaky strong”.

5. Red beach


Red beach is the most popular and natural pretty beach of Santorini. The beach is located some steps away from the ancient site of Akrotiri. Due to its small size the beach creates a crowded atmosphere and many days visitors prefer not to make it all the way down to the beach and instead marvel this unique scenery of red and black volcanic rocks from the top.

6. Black beach

Top view of Perissa beach on the Greek island of Santorini with sunbeds and umbrellas. Beach is covered with fine black sand, and drops off sharply into the water.

Amongst Santorini’s most “wanted” beaches, especially among young travelers, are Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios, which sprawl one after another to create the longest black sandy beach on the island; busy beach bars, diving and water sport centres and beautiful-people-watching! Could you ask for more?

7. Thirassia

View on Thirassia harbor with a boat, Santorini, Greece

Thirassia is part of Santorini’s complex and is opposite from the majestic Oia. Thirassia is a part of a bigger island but got sunk and its local residence is known for their hospitality. The natural landscape and its untouchable architectural heritage attract the travelers’ eyes. Traditional fish taverns challenge visitors to appreciate the Greek local homemade cuisine.

8. Visit Ancient Akrotiri

Old town Akrotiri in Santorini island, Greece

Ancient Akrotiri is a fascinating and important archaeological site, which provides a rare glimpse into urban life in the Minoan period. Named the "Minoan Pompeii," the flourishing town was at once destroyed and preserved by a volcanic eruption. Today it has been partially excavated and is protected from the sun inside a large shed.

9. Visit Donkey Brewery


As you are on this island its inevitable not to visit the cute local micro brewery that has as a logo the local donkey. Different types of beers, each one has its own history and taste but all of them will travel you to the world of Santorinis’ culture. Drink the donkey. Cheers!

10. View from Profitis Ilias Chapel


Profitis Ilias Chapel is one of the highest points of the island and the view is breathtaking. If you prefer to admire Santorini’s sunset in a more private way overlooking the vertical cliffs of the island Profitis Ilias is the place for you. Do not spread the secret if you want to maintain the peace and quietness of the spot!