English Greek English Greek
Excuse me Signomi Please Parakalo
Thank you Efharisto Wine Kras-si
Good morning Kalimera Port Limani
Good night Kalinihxta Hotel Ksenodohxio
See you / Hello / Hi Yassou Airport Airodromio
How much is this? Posso Kanay Afto? That's enough [polite] Arketa
How far is it? Posso makria einai? No.....thank you Ohxi.......efharisto
Do you have a toilet? Eheeyete Too-aletta? Orange Portokali
One room for (five) nights. Enna domatio ya (penday) vradia Bread Pso-mee
Can we see a menu Boroomay na doomay enna menoo Juice Xhimo
Can we pay the bill? Boroomay na plirosoomay? Mobile (phone) Kinito
Do you speak English? Milatay Ag-glika ? Rooms for rent Dohmatia
Sorry, I don't speak Greek. Signomi, then milow ellenica Car Afto-kinito
This one Afto Potatoes Patates
That one Ekino Lamb Arr-nee
Yes Ne ( as in Next) Chicken Kotopooloh
No Ohxi Fish Psari
OK Endaxi Water Nerroh
How are you Ti-kanis Salad Salata
Too expensive Polee akrivo Beer Birra

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