19 March 2016
Party cruises

Ditch the public ferries !

Sat on a ferry with the sound of a crying baby, an old couple complaining they can hear your music and with no one to discuss your travels with; just hoping your destination is close... OR sailing the crystal blue waters, dancing to music, a beer in one hand and surrounded by new friends…. I know which one I would pick! Sail in Greece initiates a new way of Greek […]

15 March 2016
Santorini and Therasia

10 signs you should Sail in Greece

  1. You are in love with the traditional white washed houses with blue roofs. Typical Greek architecture captured in millions of photos and postcards all over the world.  2. Hidden wind-carved bays, are your coveted place to be. A typical day whilst sail in Greece, so many of them accessible only with a private boat. 3. Azure Blue is your favorite color. Greek Mediterranean waters are claimed to be […]

06 March 2016

Santorini one island - many stories to tell

Greece is a country with infinite places to bribe for but if we had to vote the most popular one that would be Santorini! The so called black pearl of Aegean sea is a tourist attraction and a name that stands on its own. From the Chinese people that have created their honeymoon destination, to the romantic French that travel for her enchanting beauty and from the Australians who love […]




5 Best Restaurants in the Greek Islands

Kalita, Mykonos Mykonos has so many world-class restaurants that it can be hard to pick just one to visit, but Kalita has distinguished itself enough


Water Sports in the Greek Islands

You might think summer in the Greek islands is all about lounging on beaches and sipping cocktails until dawn, but warm days by the beach