28 October 2015
Sail in Greece

Why Sail in Greece?

Greece has it all! Sail in Greece even more! Breathtaking islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, unique culture and authentic hospitality, worldwide famous cuisine and epic nightlife is the combination of what makes Greece the ultimate destination especially in the summer. A country that attracts young and young at heart travelers from all over the world. Be ware of the urban legend warning about the "addictive behaviors of returning back" […]




5 Best Restaurants in the Greek Islands

Kalita, Mykonos Mykonos has so many world-class restaurants that it can be hard to pick just one to visit, but Kalita has distinguished itself enough


Water Sports in the Greek Islands

You might think summer in the Greek islands is all about lounging on beaches and sipping cocktails until dawn, but warm days by the beach